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Legalize pot sell it only at the Post Office, Presto.

Why does a man want to take a gun to Coonskin? What is he going to shoot ducks?

I knew it would happen one of these days one of the GOP house candidates is chosen by God to run for the house in upcoming elections, you got to be kidding me, I guess the Republicans will do anything to get elected.

Shame on the newspaper for printing that ad from Cabela’s about no waiting period for handgun purchases. They don’t have to advertise that, I believe.

In regards to the trash along the highways, bring back the hang gang. There are so many people for minor crimes that they could be picking up the trash.

Concerning the safety detection systems on the mining devices, called the proximity devices, I think they should be locked in a box so that can not be by passed by the miners as they do some other safety devices.

Can you please tell me, does anyone know how did Capito voted on the equal pay vote that the Republicans defeated?

This is in reference to the person that wrote into readers voice about never seeing so much trash along the West Virginia highways. Well, if our West Virginia government would care about the state and the people in it maybe the people would care about the state. It is a two way street, you know.

Please help me, I love to eat at this restaurant. Please tell me what Harding’s Family Restaurant at Mink Shoals exit with excellent food has to hide by keeping the blinds pulled from the ceilings to the window sills with the beautiful flowing shrub trees outside. I am claustrophobic and have to bring my food home. Please ask them to raise the blinds, what are they hiding?

South Charleston announced that they are cleaning up junky neighborhoods. They need to start with the junky yards in Schenley Park.

The Legislature needs to think about their time wasted with the PR thing, they need to change it from Almost Heaven West Virginia to Almost Wicked West Virginia because with this gun legislation it sure it not going to help our image.

Can you believe the Republican clown that wants to take healthcare from the people that desperately need it said God chose him to run for Congress, he forgot Jesus gave health care to everybody. What a liar and joke wanting to run our country.

I want to thank the three ladies that stopped to help me in Dunbar when I had my car accident on Thursday. I really appreciate it. I think God sent you to me.

Many thanks to the Boy Scouts who are planting or replanting chestnut trees in West Virginia. This is their home, was their home and thank goodness and the Boy Scouts it will be again. Thank you so much.

I am concerned that I haven’t seen the Karin Fuller’s column in Sunday’s paper recently. That is the one of the main things that I enjoy on Sunday mornings. If there is something going on please make sure to tell Karin that she is loved and people enjoy her.

Church Hill Drive in Hanley the Health Department needs to get up here and see what kind of coverage is going on in Hanley. Houses are falling down, garbage pails are falling down, garbage is everywhere, people have trash all in their yard and they are intending on burning it, they need to get here on Church Hill Drive.

Not only did Freedom Industries poison our water supply but our truck traffic has managed to completely ruin our beloved Barlow Drive.

If the Charleston Police Force is incapable of stopping or doing something to stop all the crime on the West Side. Why doesn’t our governor call out the National Guard to control the West Side?

If we had more parents like Mark Plants we would not have all those teenagers running the streets and getting into trouble if they had some discipline at home.

I want to know how much it cost the West Virginia taxpayers for Delegate Nancy Guthrie to send out thousands of letters about the legislature.

Don Blankenship hates all Democrats. He is a Republican and hates all Democrats.

Why does the Governor’s Mansion have political signs in the front yard — isn’t that against the law?

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