Your Vents, Thursday, April 17

* I take the Gazette and the Daily Mail and you won’t print my vent. Would you please print this one time? Please print: why does Harding’s Restaurant at Mink Shoals keep their blinds completely closed? You cannot see out or in. I have claustrophobia and have to get their delicious food to go. What are they hiding because you can’t see the beautiful Coonskin trees or anything?

* I want to thank John at Budget Tapes and Records for finding my money and returning it to me after I lost it in the store. You’re awesome, man.

* I don’t understand how allowing guns in rec centers is a good thing, especially those where schools are housed. What happened to gun-free zones?

* I want my MTV back. No more “Teen Mom.”

* Is anyone on “House Hunters” ever really happy with the house they choose?

* Thanks Charleston Police for trying to clean up the transit mall and West Side.

* Let the sunshine in. Let the sunshine in.

* Been waiting for the Obamacare people to call me back for two weeks. Still waiting.

* I don’t see how anybody in this state could vote for Shelley Moore Capito. She has voted against equal pay for women although she gets equal pay. She also voted against the mine safety law. She is all for coal. She’s for the coal companies. When you vote against a safety law, that’s bad.

* People are asking for Prosecutor Mark Plants to resign due to the smug look on his face. On all of the television reports you look like you think this is funny.

* As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. -Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

* This is Lent which is my most unfavorite time of the year.

* On the prosecuting attorney, let the voters decide. I know I will give him a “yes” vote.

* I cannot believe they are patching the holes on the 36th Street Bridge but you can’t patch the turning lanes onto both of the bridges. It is shameful. I mean you can fall into the holes.

* Please leave at least two or three newspapers in the Daily Mail or Gazette boxes in Kanawha City. We cannot find newspapers to read anywhere in Kanawha City.

* Why isn’t the woman who left her 9-month-old baby in the running vehicle in Charleston being charged with anything?

* Please take down the guard rail at Kinser and Leslie Road and put in an emergency exit area. The chief of police or fire department could have a key to unlock the exit for us living on Westminster and Leslie Roads. Thank you so much.

* just want to tell you that thanks to Obama and his “cronies” I’ll vote Democratic every time.

* Could somebody please advise Mark Plants to get that smirk off of his face? It is very unbecoming.

* Danny Jones loves Charleston and is doing a good job. But the meter readers are too quick to give a parking ticket. It is as if they are standing there counting down the minutes.

* I don’t have a problem with what Mr. Plants did to his son. But I do have a problem with him if he did in fact go to his new wife’s son and ask the kid if this was enough. This makes the whole thing totally wrong, done for the wrong reason, and he doesn’t deserve to have his job or any job as far as I’m concerned.

* Hi, on Tuesday April 15 your opinion page disgusted me when you gave Don Blankenship a forum to spew more of his venom as to why he isn’t responsible for the explosion at UBB. I will be canceling my subscription.

* I took my dog up to the welfare office to get him a check started. They said he is not eligible. Well, I told them that he is lazy, unemployed, and unemployable and he doesn’t know his daddy. They said his check will start next week.

* I taught my kids that everyone only has so much money. We spend it on what makes us happy and not what makes someone else happy. If someone else would rather spend their money on a Lexus or something else instead of health coverage, that is an option and it is their choice to make.

* How many years of drama school do the weather men on television have to have before they can forecast?

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