Bible Center School part of recycling program

Bible Center School students are cleaning up the environment with hopes of winning playgrounds, park benches and recycling bins for their school and community.

To celebrate Capri-Sun and TerraCycle’s milestone of recycling 200 million drink pouches and donating $4 million to charities since 2008, Bible Center School has joined a “drink pouch brigade” and will collect pouches from the lunchroom and classroom.

The Drink Pouch Brigade is TerraCycle’s free recycling program that takes traditionally non-recyclable waste and turns it into various products like fences, eco-fashionable drink pouch tote bags and candy wrapper wallets.

According to TerraCycle’s website, “non-recyclable” materials, like sandwich bags, drink pouches and other plastics without an identifier number can be recycled, but must be collected, sorted and processed differently.

Most municipal sorting facilities do not accept these items because they do not have the proper recycling equipment to separate multi-layer or mixed plastics, but TerraCycle re-purposes them.

The recycling program is popular among schools, but individuals and other groups also can sign up to recycle anything from drink pouches and candy wrappers, to office supplies and cosmetic products.

Once enough material has been collected, it can be boxed and shipped to TerraCycle for store credit points. The points can be redeemed for various items or can be exchanged for money — each point earns one cent — to be given to a nonprofit or school.

Because prizes and benefits have been increased to commemorate the recent milestones, Bible Center students and thousands of others across the country are using collected items to earn money for their school.

Additionally, the playgrounds, park benches and recycling bins Bible Center School is trying to win are made from the very drink pouches they are collecting.

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