Your Vents, Friday, April 18

* Yes, I had an appointment today in South Charleston on 6th Street. I have run up and down 6th Street I don’t know how many times trying to find where I’m supposed to go. There aren’t numbers on the buildings. If South Charleston wants more business they should put a number on every building so you know what block you were in.

* The only decent prosecutor we have had is Mark Plants.

* Thanks to Obamacare I am now uninsured for the first time in 25 years.

* The lights are also out at the main intersection in Charleston’s interstates 64, 77 and 79 and have been for over a year. Come one DOH and fix them before a bad accident occurs.

* If Mark Plants cannot handle his office to full capacity he needs to be replaced by someone who can. He shouldn’t be able to prosecute some cases and not others because of his own behavior. We need a decent and honest person in there.

* I am so concerned of the way Dunbar is going down. It is disgraceful. Some old people die or move out and trash moves in. The people who care are the ones who made the streets look nice in the first place.

* Even before Plants was charged with domestic violence I thought he was the worst prosecutor Kanawha County ever had. And watch with his silly smirk.

* It is a shame Thornsbury will never go to jail for what he did. They keep pushing back his sentencing but month after month he’ll never see jail time.

* Thank you, Daily Mail, for the outstanding edition which commemorated your 100th anniversary. Many of us appreciate and always have appreciated your scholarly approach to the issues rather than a knee-jerk approach. Please continue to keep it up for another 100 years.

* How do you get rid of stink bugs? They spray out and stink.

* If Allison Plants is such a caring and protective mother why did she leave her small children alone in a car? A number of children die each year from this.

* Some people are concerned about the war on women. Well what about the war on helpless babies?

* Don’t the people who live at the end of Country Club Boulevard and Meadow Drive know how to keep their dogs from barking all day long? I work midnights and try to sleep during the day. It is a collie and a labra doodle. Please keep them quiet for me.

* Pertaining to the water episode, my water bill used to be $23.05 and my sanitation bill was $38. After the episode was over the sanitation added a service charge that increased the bill to $57.00.

* I still use the 2009-2010 EZ to Use Big Book. I agree that the new phone books from Frontier have print that is way too small. I immediately sent it to be recycled.

* I hope you stop delivering the Saturday Neighbor in the yellow plastic. People are too lazy to pick it up and it just becomes litter.

* Charleston has become a city of trash and junk-filled front yards, especially the outer areas.

* To the venter who declared he didn’t understand why 9/11 wasn’t investigated, I suggest you read the 9/11 Commission Report. You should do some research before you do a little venting.

* I’d like to comment on an article in Sunday’s paper. It was titled, “West Virginians are safer with more permitted gun carriers.” I would just like to say that the writer is spot-on with his comments.

* With all of the missed school days this year, why did Sissonville Middle School only have a half day on Friday, April 11th? Was this sanctioned by the school board? If so, with all of the poor-performing schools no one should be taking off days or half days.

* I love the new pet section in the Sunday edition of the Gazette-Daily Mail. Thank you so much.

* What is going on with the water bills? Mine has increased 25 percent over the past year and I’m not using any more water than I did previously.

* I think the Legislature ordains senate meetings to punish teachers for low students’ scores. The meetings are a vast waste of time but no teachers were ever consulted as to their worth.

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