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Endorsements for House of Delegates 13th and 15th districts

The 13th and 15th House of Delegates districts are about midway between Charleston and Huntington, with the 13th extending north to Ravenswood. Both have open seats for the May 13 primary election. Neither candidate in the 14th District, represented by Republican Jim Butler, has primary opposition.

The 13th House of Delegates district includes a variety of economic uses, covering parts of Putnam, Mason and Jackson counties. Industrial sites such a Constellium, the former Ravenswood Aluminum plant, and Toyota are in the district, as is substantial farm land. It is represented by two delegates, currently held by one-term Republican Scott Cadle and long-term Democrat Brady Paxton, who is not seeking reelection.

Republican candidates are Scott Cadle of Letart in Mason County, Tim Gibson of Poca in Putnam County, Michael Ihle of Ravenswood in Jackson County and Nate Westfall of Cross Lanes in Putnam County.

Democratic candidates are Rosalee Juba-Plumley of Poca, Joshua Martin of Poca, and Josh McGrath of Nitro.

Of the Republican candidates, the Daily Mail endorses Scott Cadle and Tim Gibson.

Having gotten one-term under his belt, Cadle, a member of Teamsters Local 505 with a strong blue-collar background nearly non-existent in the Legislature, showed a conservative record and deserves the chance to continue.

Former broadcaster and new attorney Gibson is a strong speaker and familiar with the issues. He would make an eager young lawmaker pushing for positive change. Also worth mentioning is Michael Ihle, the young mayor of Ravenswood. He holds promise as a future leader.

In the Democratic primary, the Daily Mail recommends Rosalee Juba-Plumley and Josh McGrath.

Juba-Plumley is an attorney, being a sole practitioner since 1996. She credits her teachers with her success, and suggests the state stand back and let teachers teach. McGrath is a real estate professional who started his own business at a young age and seeks to grow the state of West Virginia in a positive light. “The future of West Virginia is my passion,” he said.

The single member 15th District, entirely within Putnam County, features a single race between Republicans Geoff Foster of Winfield and Duke Jordan in Hurricane. Incumbent Republican Troy Andes is not seeking reelection. With no Democratic candidates filed, the Republican primary winner will be the 15th’s next delegate.

The Daily Mail recommends Duke Jordan, the likeable former Charleston police officer and small entrepreneur. Jordan admits to not having all the answers, but is willing to work with others to develop them.

All of the candidates endorsed would bring an entrepreneurial spirit and freshness to the West Virginia Legislature.

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