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Editorial: Mayor Bloomberg has every right to spend his $50 million promoting his cause


No part of the Constitution is more misconstrued and misinterpreted than the First Amendment, deliberately so, as the desire to control the thoughts and religious beliefs of others is the greatest temptation of power. The veracity of these attacks on freedom of religion, the right to protest and free speech prove the importance of the First Amendment. Let us always defend her.

This month, billionaire Mike Bloomberg and a small businessman from Alabama named Shaun McCutcheon underscored this point.

McCutcheon wanted to fully back more than 18 congressional candidates, but was thwarted by a 40-year-old campaign reform law.

The reform is an incumbent protection act makes it as difficult to raise the money necessary to dethrone a congressman. This explains why Democrat John Dingell has been in Congress since 1957.

The Supreme Court on April 2 struck down the limit.

“Today’s ruling further drowns the voices of working Americans,” Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said in response.

According to, Reid’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million based on his official disclosures.

As a senator, Reid has access to the media. Others have to buy it. On April 14, billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced he will spend $50 million of his money to lobby for more restrictions on guns in an effort to counter the National Rifle Association, which claims a membership of 5 million people.

Good for him. Even the staunchest defender of the Second Amendment should recognize that it is his money and he has the God-given right to use his money to promote his ideas and work to elect and re-elect like-minded people.

The First Amendment recognizes this right.

Some clairvoyants claim the Founding Fathers would have exempted big money, Nonsense. George Washington, whose net worth in today’s dollars would have exceeded $500 million, did not skimp on spending his own money to overthrow the British.

If Bloomberg wants to take on the NRA let him, just as McCutcheon may take on Congress.

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