On file: April 20, 2014


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between April 11 and 18:

Thomas Allen Devitt, 28, and Kathleen Nichole Balser, 24, both of Chesapeake.

Travis Chester Canterbury, 34, and Amber Leigh Knopp, both of Charleston.

Benjamin Payne Grady, 26, and Theresa Ann Norwalk, 25, both of St. Albans.

Tristin Taylor Sanchez, 18, of Cedar Grove and Lindsey Rae Hossler, 19, of Cabin Creek.

Terrell James Ross-Johnson, 27, of Charleston and Danielle Nichole Woods, 31, of South Charleston.

Anthony David Chairez, 32, and Kari Jean Haywood, 29, both of Charleston.

Lonnie Clifton Cornett, 25, and Kerrianna Noel Cook, 22, both of Charleston.

James Kenneth Fallin, 26, of South Charleston and Ellen Carly Lawman, 24, of Winfield.

Michael Todd Lester, 48, of Proctorville, Ohio, and Rebecca June McCord, 43, of Charleston.

Jeremy Jackson Hudnall, 28, of Cross Lanes and Bethany Nicole Dotson, 22, of St. Albans.

Klint Jamison Frazier, 27, and Amy Jo Searls, 26, both of Charleston.

Jason Robert Lee Vanbibber, 35, and Amber Beth Mays, 30, both of St. Albans.

Larry Dewayne Hill, 62, of Dunbar and Edmonia Paulette Woodson, 51, of South Charleston.

Ethan Arthur Selleck, 23, and Lindsey Jordan Wurts, 25, both of Charleston.

Eric Lee Calvert, 45, of South Charleston and Angela Ann Samuel, 41, of Charleston.

Thomas Glen Proctor, 36, and Brandi Nicole Holstein, 41, both of Clendenin.

Oather Edward Burdette Jr., 22, and Breanna Nicole Hinzman, 20, both of Charleston.

Anthony Gene Huffman, 21, and Phyllis Breanna Young, 20, both of Charleston.

William Paul Oaks Jr., 23, and Kayela Diane Brown, 25, both of Charleston.

Olaf Rudolph Funstuck II, 49, and Katherine Louise Cohen, 52, both of South Charleston.

Wyatt Bentley Rowe, 28, and Sara Beth Fleming, 27, both of Cross Lanes.

Dereck Curtis Spencer, 33, and Alicyn Oblinger Spencer, 26, both of Charleston.

Keegan Josef Armstead, 19, and Kristen Brooke White, 19, both of Charleston.

Richard Randel Larabee II, 21, and Alexandria Marie Stevens, 31, both of Belle.

Jerry Wayne Fernatt, 37, and Brandy Danielle Comer, 30, both of Charleston.

Brandon Lee Henson, 27, and Cathlene Muriel Dowdy, 25, both of Sissonville.

Aaron Ray Elswick, 41, and Sadie Lee Henson, 33, both of Nitro.

Christopher Ayers Jarrett, 24, and Meghan Beth Satterfield, 25, both of St. Albans.

Benjamin Ray Mann, 33, of Charleston and Sara Danielle Maxwell, 33, of Dunbar.

Aaron Allan Hastey, 23, of Prince George, British Columbia and Melinda Sue Elmore, 20, of Clendenin.

Bradley Alan Funk, 32, of Clendenin and Johnnia Ann Tucker-Cantley, 30, of Belle.

Gregory Zeke Boyd, 55, of Shrewsbury and Elizabeth McKee Lyons, 53, of Nitro.

Glen Edwin Stapleton II, 38, and Marcella Reann Williamson, 28, both of Charleston.

The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between April 4 and April 16:

Keith Robert Larson, 43, and Caroline Cantwell Stonestreet, 46, both of Hurricane

William Matthew Shrader, 23, of Scott Depot, and Diana Marie Bartram, 24, of Fraziers Bottom

David Marcel Dionne, 34, and Brandy Dawn Sheets, 37, both of Hurricane

Tim D. Miller, 55, of Buffalo, and Teresa A. Cales, 36, of Robson

Elijah Paul Williams, 34, and Bridget Elaine Landers, 36, both of Red House

Samuel Carl Pierson Jr., 32, and Erin Beth Huey, 29, both of Hurricane

John Robert Cochran, 23, of Winfield, and Brittany Leigh McComas, 23, of Red House

Brian Lee Young, 23, and Lindsay Michelle Winfree, 22, both of Hurricane


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between April 10 and 17:

Robert Lewis Curtis from Sharon Ree Curtis

Tamra Marlene Parr from Robert Allen Parr

Ryan H. Charles from Caren E. Charles

Albert C. Humphreys from Sandra D. Humphreys

Mollie B. Bare from Jared Grant Alford

R. Scott Patrick from Rachel Patrick

Philippa Forbes-Smith from Kerry Dale Smith

Norma Jean Murray from John Murray

Tracey Lynn Carter from Keith Stanley Carter

Christy Massey from Elmer E. Massey Jr.

Emett Sanders Jr. from April W. Sanders

Amy J. Castle from Timothy L. Castle

Rita Beaven from Stanley E. Beaven Sr.

Julia A. Beckett from Edward Dore Beckett Jr.

Bryon Myers from Jaime Myers

Loretta Mae Lacy from David Lacy

Casey Hewlett from Jason Hewlett

Paul Rucker Sr. from Amanda E. Rucker

Joshua Varner from Chasity Varner

Brandy Gayle Pitzer from Brittany K. Page Gooding

Timothy J. Feazelle Jr. from Kayli Tonia Rashea Feazelle

Timothy J. Adkins from Stephanie D. Adkins

Eric D. Ayers from Karla Marie Ayers

Paul D. Johnson from Brandon S. Johnson

Amanda Pauley from Adam Pauley

Brandy Shaffer from Derrick Shaffer

Wendi G. Beasley from Christopher T. Beasley

Julia Ann Watkins from Jason John Watkins

Jonathan Barley from Julia Bailey

Amy J. Cain from Danny Lee Cain

The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between April 3 and April 16:

Jerri Y. Bailey from Daniel R. Bailey

Christopher B. Williams from Katherine J. Williams

Kirk R. Hedrick from Thelma L. Hedrick

Sandra K. Stover from Gregory Stover

Sherry D. Barclay from Charles K. Eggleston

Diamond Steele from Steven Steele

Joseph C. Harper from Carolyn A. Harper

Rebecca A. Chapman from Dustin T. Chapman

Veronica Chapman from James Chapman

Brian W. Henderson from Amanda G. Henderson

Pamela K. Jarrell from Ernest W. Jarrell

Daniele N. Damron from Curtis R. Brogan

Justin A. Reed from Victoria L. Reed

Amber Dawn Hatfield from Nathan Paul Hatfield

Kaitlin Raines from Carleton Raines

Nelva L. Eskew from Robert T. Eskew

Joyce L. Landers from Carl D. Landers

Titshaina Staats from Brandon Staats

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between April 11 and 18:

William R. Frazier to Denver W. Smith. Lot, Nitro, $151,500.

Phyllis A. Vance to Nathan M. Remolona. Lot, Loudon District, $137,000.

Skaff Family Limited Partnership to John D. and Jaime T. Hayes. Lot, South Charleston, $159,000.

Kevin D. and Jean A. Jones to Gary Christopher and Breanna Janelle Ramsey. Lot, St. Albans, $112,000.

David S. and Kristina D. Anderson to Micheal and Mary Abshire. Lot, Poca District, $260,000.

Arnold Adkins Jr. to Roger M. and Elizabeth Ann Ezzell. Lot, Union District, $126,000.

Timothy A. and Blaine L. Barrett to Zachary E. Fickiesen. Lot, Charleston, $136,000.

Robert T. Miller to Fred M. Venson Jr. Lot, Dunbar, $118,000.

William George and Rose Mary McCune to Cory D. Barton. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $175,000.

David S. Mains to Stephen T. and Terri L. Chapman. Lots, Poca District, $109,677.37.

Otis L. Laury to Henry E. III and Kimberly S. Wood. Lot, Charleston, $242,600.

Annette M. Zavareei to K-Fass Holdings LLC. Condominium, Charleston, $101,250.

Gregory G. Gardner to Evelyn M. Richardson. Lot, Jefferson District, $65,000.

United Bank Inc. to John L. and Susan P. Hogshead. Lots, Nitro, $200,000.

Brandon L. and Kendra D. Burton to Jane Ann and R. Michael Riley. Lot, Jefferson District, $117,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to Bank of America. Lot, Dunbar, $53,040.

Donna L. Tyler to Sandra S. McFarland. Lot, Union District, $57,277.14.

Hereford and Riccardi PLLC to David M. Blackwell. Lot, Jefferson District, $54,000.

Michael and Catherine Snelling to Matthew E. Woody and Anthony B. Knell. Lot, Charleston, $385,000.

John M. and Sarah L. Clendenin to Steven J. and Jodi L. Johnston. Lot, Nitro, $147,000.

True Blue Developers LLC to Richard J. and Elizabeth J. Cavender. Lot, Charleston, $160,000.

Charlotte A. Hevener and Sherry J. Perdew to Mary Josephine Cook. Lot, St. Albans, $85,500.

Domenic Cipollone to Rebecca D. Westfall. Lot, South Charleston, $75,000.

Shawn A. Kesner to Joshua C. Brown and Ashley M. Dailey. Lot, Union District, $134,753.

Christopher E. and Jennifer L. Good to John M. and Sarah L. Clendenin. Lot, Union District, $101,500.

Riley C. and Kathleen M. Brothers to Christopher T. and Keri L. Ferro. Lot, St. Albans, $253,000.

Stricklen Realty Inc. to Russell P. Kruzelock. Lot, Charleston, $445,000.

Raymond E. Mullins to Sara Elisabeth and Jason Thomas Epperley. Lot, Elk District, $119,000.

Mara J. Pauley to Samantha D. Withrow. Lot, Nitro, $108,500.

Rock Branch Community Bank to Swarthmore Capital LLC. Lots, Union District, $65,000.

Jason M. and Tika L. Gillispie to Debbra G. Bruner. Lot, Charleston, $60,000.

Randall D. and Janet A. Hendren to Robert Harris. Lot, Union District, $143,000.

Busse Investment LLC to Par-Mar Properties LLC. Lot, Union District, $160,000.

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between April 4 and April 16:

Albert J. and Patricia A. Clerc to Clerietta II LLC. Acres, Teays Valley District, $240,000.

Daniel L. Newman to Michelle L. Stover. Tract, Union District, $65,000.

Tyson C. and Melanie D. Mitchell to Maegan N. Adkins. Lot, Teays Valley District, $203,500.

James S. and Emily A. Duncan to Randall L. and Sandra K. Lilly. Lot, Nitro District, $165,000.

Pamela Fay Sergent, Donna Sue Keefer and Michael Lee and Herbert Ottie Stover Jr. to Chad D. and Sarah E. Weaver. Lots, Buffalo District, $81,500.

Nautical Pointe LLC to Modern Home Concepts Inc. Lot, Scott District, $65,000.

Kimberly D. McHenry to Sean and Anne Hoffer. Lot, Teays Valley District, $206,000.

William C. and Betty L. Young to David A. Broadwater. Lot, Scott District, $125,000.

Contessa D. and Joshua R. Kennedy to Brandan Scott and Kristan Leigh Tolliver. Lot, Teays Valley District, $215,000.

Hobba Enterprises LLC to Brandon M. and Alison C. Marshall. Lot, Scott District, $591,984.

Michelle and William J. Uldrich Jr. to Clifton Fred Dedrickson. Lot, Scott District, $254,000.

Eric N. and Melissa B. Crawford to Patrick V. and Laura E. O’Malley. Lot, Teays Valley District, $290,000.

Patricia Ann and Ralph L. Cobb Sr. to Bryan S. Womack. Parcel, Union District, $133,900.

Raymond D. and Kathryn M. Blust to Josh Kent and Sarah Jones. Lot, Hurricane District, $237,500.

Mark A. and Dena M. Monroe to Howard R. and Lisa K. Nolen. Lot, Winfield District, $138,000.

Debra and Keith A. Wood to Mark Alan Shabdue and Laura Lee Lilly. Lot, Scott District, $269,900.

Cornerstone Customs Inc. to Amanda S. Keeney and Daniel W. Carte. Lot, Winfield District, $208,000.

William Creed and Debra Jean Howard to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Scott District, $105,000.

Thomas W. and Mary E. Mills to David W. and Charlotte L. Lawman. Lot, Winfield District, $194,000.

David W. and Charlotte L. Lawman to Thomas and Mary E. Mills. Lot, Winfield

District, $319,000.

Michael W. and Krista M. Burger to Jack R. Gilkerson and Ronald A. and Sharon A. McClung. Lot, Scott District, $272,000.

Jenae C. Ferrari to Joshua L. Smithson. Parcel, Buffalo District, $62,000.

William and Kari Cox to Charles S. and Jessica B. Queen. Lot, Teays Valley District, $219,000.

Dennis and Cynthia Hughes to William L. and Kari E. Cox. Lot, Scott District, $306,000.

Virginia Meadows LLC to Laben Frank and Devona D. Frye. Lot, Scott District, $230,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between April 11 and 18:

Gregory Scott Moore, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $99,905, Liabilities: $1,974,314.

Debbie Rena Hutson,St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $65,852, Liabilities: $89,480.

Leland Daniel and Laura Frances O’Neal, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $211,818, Liabilities: $288,924.

Dennis Roger Layton, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $211,818, Liabilities: $288,924.

Arthur Lee Trimble and Judy Lee Lake, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $210,043, Liabilities: $375,774.

Dreama Kay Harmon, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,660, Liabilities: $12,370.

Janet Ann Simpson, Crab Orchard, Chapter 7. Assets: $7,650, Liabilities: $23,436.

James Randall and Barbara Anne Caldwell, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: $286,900, Liabilities: $297,192.

Dannie Ray Meador, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,483, Liabilities: $24,626.

Daniel Ted and Beverly Lynn Bishop, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: $125,412, Liabilities: $254,694.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents:

Terrance Mitchell Adkins, Hernshaw

Mark Anthony Aguirre, Charleston

Justin Craig Alford, Cross Lanes

Corey Scott Asbury, Hernshaw

Virginia Lee Ashley, Elkview

Douglas Elleworth Ashley, Elkview

Eric Ernest Ashworth, Sissonville

Christa Dale Ashworth, Sissonville

David Lawrence Atkins, Elkview

Deborah Sue Bagby, St. Albans

Mathew Dean Berry, Cedar Grove

Eddie Wayne Bias, Tad

Amanda Leigh Bias, Tad

Craig Allen Booth, Cross Lanes

Jonah Franklin Bowles, Eskdale

Jennifer Khristina Burdette, Sissonville

Mary Lou Burgess, St. Albans

Evan Jacob Cameron, Cross Lanes

James Allen Carnes, St. Albans

Jerad Dane Casto, Charleston

Robert Kipley Cobb, Charleston

Ralph David Cobb, Cross Lanes

Michael Scott Confere, Cedar Grove

Magdalena De La Cruz Cook-Garcia, St. Albans

Richard Alan Crowder, Charleston

William Wayne Croye, Belle

Barbara Sue Cyrus, South Charleston

Allan John Dantes, South Charleston

Michael Duane Dent, South Charleston

Christopher Scott Dodrill, Charleston

Larry Allen Duffield, Hugheston

Debara Jean Ferrell, St. Albans

Gary Edward Fields, Charleston

Carol Elaine Fields, Charleston

Joseph Michael Fizer, Charleston

Christopher Louis Foster, Charleston

Paul Gregory Gallagher, Charleston

Richard Lee Gandy, Charleston

Carol Renae Garnes, Cross Lanes

Jerry Edward Giles, Gallagher

Arnold Jarrett Given, St. ALbans

Stephen Douglas Greer, Elkview

Linda Joyce Greer, Elkview

Brian Ray Greer, Elkview

David Allen Groscup, South Charleston

Thomas Eugene Haddox, Charleston

Carol Elizabeth Hamric, Charleston

Aaron Richard Hamrick, Charleston

Bruce Leighton Harless, South Charleston

William Arthur Harless, Charleston

Christopher Travis Harper, Elkview

David Michael Hastings, South Charleston

Bruce Michael Hayes, Cross Lanes

Steven Craig Hoover, Clendenin

Darrick Eugene Hudson, South Charleston

Ira Leo Huffman, Elkview

Dennis Ray Hughart Jr., Charleston

Tanya Michelle Hughart, Charleston

Steven Boyd Ilar, St. Albans

Vernetta Jean Ingram, Cross Lanes

Misty Ann Jackson, Charleston

James Garland Johnson, Elkview

Christopher Lee Jones, Dunbar

Michelle Lee Jones, St. Albans

Helen Jane Joseph, Belle

Stewart Thomas Kennedy, Clendenin

Jerry Gay Kessel, St. Albans

Kelly Scott Kessel, South Charleston

Jonathan Eric Kidd, Charleston

David Kinningham, Hansford

Cindy Marie Knighten, Charleston

Amanda Kay Lanham, Charleston

Jeffrey Wayne Lanham, St. Albans

Jered O’Dell Lanham, Charleston

Joanna Lynn Lanham, St. Albans

Brian Richard Legg, Charleston

Heather Morgan Lile, Charleston

Laurie Lisbeth Lile, Charleston

Lisa Gail Lilly, St. Albans

Delbert Lee Lude, Charleston

Katie Michelle Lupardus, Clendenin

Kristi Ann Maddox, Charleston

Michelle Evelyn Martin, St. Albans

Cameron Gerard McGrath, St. Albans

Kimberly A. Moore, Charleston

Diana Cathy Moran, Clendenin

Jerry Lee Mullins Jr., Charleston

Jerry Lee Mullins, Charleston

Randy Lynn Osborne Sr., Elkview

Travis Gene Parsons, Charleston

Sharon Sue Parsons, South Charleston

Philip Stephen Pendleton, Charleston

Matthew Alan Perry, St. Albans

Marla Lynn Perry, St. Albans

Roger Benny Pettry, Belle

Victor Maurice Philpott, South Charleston

James Edward Pitsenbarger, Elkview

John Michael Pozega, Charleston

Amy Nicole Pritt, Alum Creek

Dennis Edward Pritt, South Charleston

Charles M. Proctor Sr., Belle

Glenna Lenore Querry, Belle

Gregory Allen Querry, Belle

Christina Jo Raines, Charleston

David Arthur Raines, Charleston

Linda Sue Raines, Elkview

William Carl Raines, Elkview

Karen Clendenin Richards, Charleston

Joseph Wayne Rogers, Charleston

John Robert Rucker, Elkview

James Kent Rymer, South Charleston

Jeffrey Lee Schneider, Sissonville

Dennis Wayne Scott, South Charleston

Kay Carol Shamblin, Charleston

John Edward Shea, South Charleston

James Donald Shope, Glasgow

Joseph Lynn Sigmon II, St. Albans

Chelsea Morgan Slack, Charleston

Jeremy Ian Slaughter, South Charleston

Stefanie Rae Slaughter, South Charleston

Russell Stephen Smith, South Charleston

Michael Scott Spradling, Dunbar

Don Merrell Stamper, St. Albans

Marie Maxine Stamper, St. Albans

Lloyd Vincent Stanley, Clendenin

Patricia Ann Stevens, Charleston

Marsha Lynn Swisher, South Charleston

Robert Wayne Taylor, Charleston

Edward Sylvester Thaxton, Charleston

Rodney Dee Thaxton, Charleston

John Edward Thomas, Sissonville

Garry Eugene Toothman, Charleston

Kevin Joe Wehrle, Elkview

Cary Lee White, St. Albans

Patricia Lou White, St. Albans

Philip Bruce White, Charleston

Denver Ray Whittaker, South Charleston

Michael Wayne Wills, Charleston

Dwight Edward Wilson, Cross Lanes

Austin Lee Winn, Charleston

Richard Leon Workman, Cross Lanes

Gregory Allen Young, Charleston

Christopher Lee Zack, Charleston

Thomas Edward Zimmerman, Belle

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