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Smell the Coffee: Easter gets taken to the eggstreme

I miss the days of Easter egg hunts.

There are no little ones in my family to hide eggs for, and while the cats are game for a short round of find-the-cat treat (if there’s not too much effort involved), it’s just not the same.

I was emailing with a friend about a time I took Celeste to an organized Easter egg hunt and my frustration over parents getting a little too involved in helping their kids find the eggs, and she sent a link to an article about an egg hunt in Colorado Springs being canceled after hundreds of parents jumped the ropes into a kids-only section of the hunt to ensure their kids got as many eggs as possible.

The hunt was quickly canceled and plans for future hunts abandoned.

One of the commenters on the article was lamenting the fact that there aren’t Easter-related activities for adults and claimed that the frustration over being left out leads to bad behavior. Which led another commenter to provide a link to an event that’s at the complete opposite end of the Easter spectrum.

One that takes Easter to the extreme.

There’s an annual event in Manhattan where grownups get to face a full-contact rabbit. Three of them actually. In a 16- by 20-foot steel cage.

At, I learned that Manhattanites have a place where they can test their wits “against three massive, highly competitive Easter bunnies and a shot clock, all trying to keep you from collecting eggs filled with cash and prizes.”

Full Bunny Contact is the brainchild of Timothy Haskell, creator of “Nightmare,” New York’s best-known haunted house.

But there’s more to the event than burly rabbits in a ring.

The festivities include booths such as “Hare-y Up,” where contestants don a 40-pound tortoise shell and race against an actual rabbit, and “Chicken Scratch,” which is Tic-Tac-Toe versus a giant chicken who is allowed to tickle you with a feather and whose goal is to make you look as stupid as possible.

There’s a photo center where attendees can have their picture taken with a thoroughly creepy Easter Bunny, and a “Keister Bunny” game where you get to reach up inside a rabbit sculpture and pull out candy or prizes.

In “Little Bunny Foo Foo’s Revenge,” participants have stuffed bunnies thrown at them and must bop them on the head. The farther the hit, the better the prize.

There’s “Shoot the Peep,” where you can shoot at a person wearing a giant Peep costume, and “Raw Egg Putt,” where contestants try to putt a raw egg into a hole from 4, 6 and 10 feet. Prizes escalate accordingly with the distance of the successful putt.

“Full Bunny Contact” does feature a few normal events — an egg-decorating contest and a bunny beauty pageant for those who want to bring their pet rabbits.

But there’s also a temper tantrum competition “for children whose parents have the gumption or patience to bring them along and have them demand candy by screaming loudly enough to sway the audience. The winner will be showered with sweets.”

But for now, there appear to be no competitions pitting parents against other parents to see who can scoop up the most eggs.

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