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Reader’s Voic: April 21, 2014

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So, if an individual is charged by authorities with beating a child with a belt and injuring him, would the prosecutor prosecute the case? Or would he argue the parent had a “constitutional right.” If an individual is charged by authorities with violating a court order to stay away from his children, would the prosecutor prosecute the case? Or argue against the authorities? Yes, there is a definite conflict here.

I for one, am appalled at these ugly comments concerning our Kanawha County prosecutor Mark Plants, stating that he, being guilty of child abuse, should be removed from office and put in jail. What happened to the phrase “presumed innocent until proven guilty”? Mark Plants has been a good prosecutor (twice elected) and is a good citizen.

It’s been a whole year since the Boston Marathon bombings, so why hasn’t the remaining bomber been put on trial yet?

Sad cannot describe the total sorrow I feel for the self-righteous few who saw the blood moon as a sign for the end-of-times and are celebrating the coming of rapture. Instead of hoping to be selected as one of the few, why are they not praying and doing good works here to delay or stop the total destruction of all life and the planet?

Please clean up the old Midway School at Campbells Creek. It looks so bad and is an eyesore to the community.

The old computers that you want to discard are also taken at the Kanawha County cleanup locations.

The conservatives and the fascists want to keep the rich in power and just have the average citizen fight their wars. Is this the American way?

Mark Plants is the reason children grow up to be mean and defensive. You should never hit a child. Never.

A vote for Natalie Tennant will be like voting for Capito. Both are nothing but egotistical fence-riders. You are either a supporter of your party or not, but you can’t change your venue depending on what you think that particular person wants to hear.

To the person that said we need more parents like Mark Plants, I agree that children need disciplined, but not to the degree of leaving a 7-inch “U”-shaped bruise on the child. I also disciplined my son, but never left marks and bruises and he was a good teenager and a great person today.

Please don’t try to excuse the slobs who throw trash out of their car windows by blaming the state for not caring enough about the people. There is no excuse for littering.

About that correctional officer who repeatedly raped an inmate. He could not have abused her but for his position as a correctional officer. Why shouldn’t the Division of Corrections that failed to supervise him also be legally responsible?

Prosecutor Mark Plants says that “corporal punishment is legal as long as it’s reasonable.” And in court who helps define what is “reasonable?” The prosecutor. I guess we all know that 10 whacks with a leather belt is going to be well-within the definition of “reasonable.”

Spanking is more about insult than injury. It doesn’t have to hurt to get the point across. But Plants’ ex-wife is causing her son way more pain with her charges than Mr. Plants’ spanking ever did.

Does anyone know the effect, if any, that the MCHM spill has had on our private sewage systems? Will it stop the bacteria from working properly, etc.?

If they ever find the missing Malaysian airliner that disappeared, CNN will not have anything to show the people. They have been covering that nonstop for six weeks. Apparently there is no other news going on.

If I was Israel and Obama told me that he had my back I would really be worried.

Please show all the unselfish love you can. This world needs all it can get, and that includes animals.

Kids are not disciplined in today’s times. Every time the teacher tries to correct one, the mommy’s down there in the office the next morning, saying you’re not going to do mine like that.

Where can one obtain bat houses and what are the recommended distances from our homes to hang them up?

The people of West Virginia are making a mockery out of our law enforcement agencies. The cell phone usage and texting is right back where it started before the law was passed. Why waste our legislators’ time to pass these laws if these municipalities aren’t going to enforce them?

The Sunday paper dated April 13, 2014, where police offices in Pakistan charged a 9-month-old boy for trying to kill police officers, what kind of world are we living in where things like this go on? Get real, Pakistan. All countries should stop all contact with Pakistan forever.

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