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Your vents for April 21, 2014

n I was just curious about the photos are being shown as for Lindsay’s Studios’ closing. How many have been recognized and claimed? I’m just curious.

EDITOR’S NOTE: So far, more than 100 photos have been returned. Several hundred more have been identified, many of which are in the process of being claimed.

n The reason for the Putnam County buses to be in Huntington this past Wednesday was for the kids in the middle school band had an activity at Huntington High School and they were allowed to eat lunch at the Huntington Mall. And yes of course, like kids, they were running and screaming.

n Our police department is unfavorable to the prosecutor? What a joke!

n I support Mark Plants. He is a good prosecutor and corporal punishment needs to be used in certain times and certain places.

n Yeah, you know, if God told a guy to run for office he should run for Rocky’s place because he could have done a helluva better job than Capito would do.

n People, we as Kanawha County voters need to smarten up before this May primary. People who have collected $70,000 to run in a school board race must have so many strings attached to them and promises made to people. You think they are really going to help us? So Ryan White and Becky Jordon are out and I’m going to be looking closer at the others.

n Obama promised the middle class wouldn’t have any tax increases while he was president but guess what? He tried to introduce more than 400 new tax increases against the middle class. I hope you who voted for him are paying dearly from his lies because you deserve it.

n Have you noticed how much Russia’s Putin looks like Napoleon? Both are little leaders in physical size but big in their desires to rule the world. They even look alike. Is history about to repeat itself? Obama is a weak worm. He will not be able to stop it.

n So the Daily Mail would like Mr. Thaw to pass the torch. To what? A moral degenerate? A lame brained socialite? Or a man who is completely owned by the teachers unions? This is ridiculous. We’ll keep Pete, thanks.

n I just got my Frontier phone book. Wow. Where is the magnifying glass to read the phone numbers? Except for the attorneys which all have large print because everyone wants to win the W.Va. lawsuit lottery and retire to the beach.

n Women ought to vote against Shelley Moore Capito because she votes against women getting paid equally with men who do the same work. I know that if she gets elected she’ll get the same pay as any male senator.

n President Obama and Eric Holder are in support of legalizing marijuana. Yet it is the very drug that de-frocked their brains.

n I feel so sorry for the person who had a $400 watch and had to pay a little parking ticket in Charleston. It sounds like they wasted $400 on a watch that doesn’t keep time.

n Was the Daily Mail afraid that we weren’t going to see the county school board approve the levy rate? They have it on page 2A as well as page 11A again. Are you afraid we weren’t going to see it the first time?

n We also need the rusty light poles in Kanawha City on MacCorkle Avenue replaced. It used to be a nice place.

n I’m certainly not wealthy but if 2 percent of the well-to-do pay 71 percent of the taxes why shouldn’t they be calling the shots? When the 43 percent who pay no taxes at all decide to get off of their lazy butts and go off of drugs then by all means they should be able to have a say.

n I agree with the guy who wrote in about Holgorsen. He said that Alabama’s score will be 100 to nothing. The season hasn’t even started yet and WV is going to be 0 and 1. We are going to have to do something with Holgorsen.

n You can find most of the people who pay 71 percent of our taxes in our government in DC.

n To the venter who complained about doctors robbing Medicare and that they’ve changed it from annual checkups to every three months, no one says you have to go to the doctor if you don’t need to. So if you don’t feel sick don’t go to the doctor.

n Why don’t the police do something over here in North Charleston? There is a girl running up and down Hanna Drive and West Washington Street in a red Mustang. My understanding is she doesn’t even have a driver’s license and she is aggravating everyone to death.

n I think it’s interesting how President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and that bunch are complaining about Russia invading the Ukraine yet they are OK with us being invaded by illegals.

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