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Your Vents, Tuesday, April 22

* This spring it is time to plant a tree. You can do it. You can do it right. Learn how. The birds, the neighborhood, the planet and you will be blessed.

* Instead of raising all of the taxes in the county the county commissioners should be looking at all of the overpaid salaries of county officials. They should be voted out next time.

* The people who are orchestrating the destruction of Mark Plants’ career need to remember what goes around comes around. I’m sure there is plenty of dirt on all of them.

* The rudeness of society today is frightening. A written thank-you note is still appreciated when someone does something nice for you. After a funeral, thank you cards should be sent to those who sent flowers, food or gave money.

* I work for the county and did not get an across-the-board pay raise in Kanawha County I will surely not vote for their special safety levy so they can have more money than they know what to do with. Let’s see them tighten their belt like they want you to.

* How many times are they going to run the movie “Forrest Gump” on television? I’m starting to talk like him.

* I used to vote for the best person regardless of party but I will never again vote for another Democrat.

* Kanawha County Commission, please stop raising our property taxes. We just cannot afford it. Why don’t you all take a pay cut?

* Recently I was on a drive through Ohio and their roads were as smooth as can be. They had no potholes or tire-breaking experiences. If they can do it why can’t we?

* This is in response to the lady who wanted the blinds raised at Harding’s Family Restaurant because she is claustrophobic. Are you too stupid to ask them to open a blind for you?

* I’d like to know when the office of disciplinary council will file papers on Carrie Webster’s gross negligence.

* No one should think, say or do anything at all that they wouldn’t be willing to admit before a judge in a court of law.

* The state of WV has $800 million in the rainy day fund. Why would they not release some of that money to allow people to live in their own homes? This is much cheaper than them staying in a nursing home. Gov. Tomblin vetoed that in the budget and my sister-in-law is on a waiting list in a nursing home to move into her own place.

* The roads off of Rocky Fork onto Poca River Road are almost impassable. If they don’t do something there are going to be bad wrecks there with people going over into the river.

* Personally I would rather have global warming than the nuclear disaster like they had in Japan.

* This is to all of the drug dealers and thieves in WV. I noticed in Sunday’s paper that nearly 200 gun permits were issued. I think somebody is trying to tell you something. Come and get you some.

* I sat and watched two DUI sobriety checkpoints. For 65 percent of them they just waved them on through, never stopped them or stuck their head in the door to see if they could smell alcohol or anything.

* College students, it is now the time for end-of-the-year course evaluations. If you’ve got a good instructor, let them know. If you have a lousy, sorry instructor, let them know. It is your obligation to make it better for those behind you.

* Ethics was a big part of medicine. They have important jobs and they are supposedly responsible people.

* Warning Wal-Mart shoppers, don’t purchase anything from the beauty shop on the way in. I had a can of hair spray in my cart and it was stolen. Make your purchase on your way out of the store.

* I deny Morissey’s motion to intervene in Charleston city politics. I’m beginning to regret I donated to his run for office last term. Never again.

* Let’s talk about American exceptionalism for a minute. We invaded the wrong country, most of the time you can’t even get my fast food order right, and what about this global warming thing? Oh, that’s right. We don’t even believe in science. The empire is about to fade.

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