Letters, April 24, 2014

Single moms can be successful, too


As I was running some errands today, I drove passed a father and son playing soccer in their yard. I was immediately flooded with memories of my son’s younger years. I was a single mom. After two very abusive relationships I decided it was in the best interest of myself and my son to remain single. Many people would tell me I needed to remarry so that my son would grow into a good man. I refused to marry again just so there would be a “man” in my home. I was a hard worker with strong morals. My son would be just fine. I raised him to love God. I practiced baseball and football with him. I’ve had more baseballs bounced off my shins than I care to mention, but when your son asks you to help him with his pitching it’s a non-issue. We even worked on cars together. He saw me go to work every day and come home to him at night. He saw me return to college to obtain a degree, while working three jobs. Most of all, he lived in a loving home. He did well in school. Now, he is a hard working young man with goals for his life. He will soon be 22. I could not be more proud of the man he is becoming. He loves God. He is compassionate toward his fellow man. He loves his mom. He will make a great father someday. For you single moms out there, do not be discouraged. You can be successful at raising young sons into fine young men. I am proud to be a single mom.

Jody Pauley Hensley

South Charleston

Seniors cannot withstand more cuts


A few years ago, massive cuts were made to Medicare Advantage. As a result, seniors and disabled individuals are starting to see increased out-of-the-pocket costs and decreased benefits. This will only get worse as all the cuts go into effect. The Advantage program cannot sustain further reductions, and neither can senior citizens who rely on it to meet their health-care needs.

I have a plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield through my late husband’s employer, so I am not affected by these cuts. Even so, I noticed that my deductible has risen, and I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Senior citizens should have stable medical coverage that they can rely on. My limited monthly budget can’t withstand too many increases, and most seniors are in the same position. When prices go up, we must reduce expenses in other areas, and this isn’t always easy.

Let’s urge our congressional delegation to support a fully funded Medicare Advantage program and refuse to allow any more cuts from being implemented. When one considers that well over 10 million Americans have plans through Advantage, it is clear that the program cannot be allowed to fall by the wayside.

Gertrude Hodge


Plants’ behavior warrants removal


The voice of reason found its way into written form in a recent Gazette editorial. I am referring to the April 9 editorial “Time for the prosecutor to resign.” Sadly, this opinion is being expressed by the newspaper rather than being abundantly clear to Mark Plants.

Kanawha County’s prosecutor has lost any credibility he may have enjoyed in his position. He has betrayed public trust by bestowing generous favoritism on a select few around him. His bully antics have ended up with him being charged with domestic battery. His judgment does not appear to be any better than those he has prosecuted facing similar charges.

What message is sent to criminals when they see pictures of the county prosecutor in handcuffs?

The citizens of Kanawha County deserve better. Yes, it is past time for the 280-pound bully to resign or be removed. Enough is enough!

Gary A. Fox


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