Your vents, Wednesday, April 23

* This is in response to your story about the fatal crash on U.S. 60 near St. Albans on Thursday. You reported that speed was the only factor. But the truth is speed was not the reason for the crash. If you would get your information from an eyewitness you’d discover it was the deplorable condition of the road.

* This is in response to the writer who wrote in about Sissonville Middle School being off half a day on Friday April 11: It wasn’t just Sissonville Middle School, it was all of Kanawha County and the two hour early outs are mandated by the legislature.

* With two evil, vacuous and soulless men who have been and are huge coal company CEOs, I speak of Bob Murray and Don Blankenship, Friends of Coal does not need any friends. When you’ve got friends like that you do not need anyone else.

* My son works for a pizza delivery place. He is 21 years old. Thanks to Obamacare he was able to get insurance. He went for a checkup. His insurance paid $50 and I ended up paying $799. Thanks, Obama.

* I think the best thing to happen to Putnam County was picking Judge Deloris Nibert. She is very fair, understanding and a very intelligent lady. She needs to stay on the seat.

* If they can remove 1.3 million cubic yards of earth from a knoll that lies 4,000 feet from the end of Yeager Airport’s main runway because it interferes with airplanes coming and going, they could at least remove the knoll that lies near the Interstate 64 entrance at St. Albans.

* To the venter who was wondering why we haven’t heard from Allison Plants: She is too much of a lady and an excellent mother who trusts the courts to do what is best for her son. Hopefully they will wipe that smirking grin off of Mark Plants’ face and do what is best for the child.

* It looks like Teamster’s Union 175 failed its members again. The Rite Aid Distribution Center is leaving? The Kroger Distribution Center was covered under the same union. Do they really care about members or is it just about their dues?

* Our non-elected mayor of Belle should instruct his police department to enforce town ordinances about cars parked on the street all the time that are not properly tagged or have inspection stickers. We need a mayor in this town that cares about the people.

* I am a 69-year-old man who is disgusted with the politicians, both Democrats and Republicans. I personally will not vote for one who is in office. If you do, don’t complain because you can’t get anything done.

* Mark Plants’ biggest abuse of his child was to disrespect the child’s mother and leave her for another woman. Enough said.

* Saturday’s Daily Mail said all of the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence were Christians. Thomas Jefferson was a Unitarian and there is a difference.

* It’s amazing to see what an ex-wife will do to bring a good man down.

* We need to keep Pete Thaw on the Kanawha County Board of Education. He takes care of the money and lets the taxpayers know what they are in for.

* Enough already with this accusation that Allison Plants left her “small children” alone in the car. Those boys are 11 and 9 years old for goodness’ sake.

* This state can’t find the money to finish U.S. 35, but they can come up with $6 million to build a bridge across the river to Coonskin Park for nothing.

* Why does it always show the Marshall defense standing there like they are taunting somebody?

* I would like to thank WVEA-PAC for sending me a packet of who to vote for so that I now know who not to vote for.

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