Readers voice: April 24, 2014

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To the writer who questioned the authority of the county to regulate or ban firearms in our county parks, don’t worry. Once the new access bridge to the park is built there will be plenty of drugs, trash and guns to satisfy even you.

I bet all these people condemning Mark Plants for spanking his son are the same ones who say it is OK to murder an unborn baby in its mother’s belly even at five months. There needs to be more spanking and there wouldn’t be all these hellians running around.

I would say Nitro finally beat out Dunbar, New Amandaville and Jefferson for the dirtiest city in Kanawha County, maybe the dirtiest city in the state. All these junk dealers and vendors by the Moose club and signs on the telephone posts, yard sales everywhere houses half-built and half-tore-down.

I see where the Republicans have voted for more wealth for the rich. They are for the rich and not the middle class the ones out here scraping trying to make a living.

Concerning the healthcare law that Obama put out there is the biggest bunch of trash that this country has ever seen. It has made a total mess out of our healthcare system and it will more so in the future. My main thing and concern is that everybody better be ready for, like it or not, we will be bailing out the insurance companies.

Hooray for Mark Plants. Our schools are full of children who need disciplined. We cannot get good decent teachers because they cannot discipline out children they need to be disciplined. Lay off Mark Plants.

When one parent attempts to diminish the character of the other parent in the eyes of the children, you can mark it that nothing good will come from it.

We should all pray for peace.

The dog catcher that callously shot a little dog to death in public needs to be terminated immediately and I think he should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

I hope you do more investigative reporting on where our taxes go with the roads, bridges and the infrastructure falling apart. That means the politicians are pocketing the money for their friends and families and not for the population so that would be legalized extortion and these people are acting like thugs.

We are being ask to vote for a “safety” levy when ambulances charge $900 for a 2 mile ride, fire departments are given electronic signs to advertise Christmas tree sales and VBS. I’m all for supporting the bus company as it charges a reasonable rate to haul passengers but the ambulance and fire departments waste a lot of money and charge very unreasonable rates.

Is Statehouse Beat editorial or news? “Let’s hope they invested the savings in the Pirates and not Ogden Newspapers”

Do you think the young man that was a stowaway on a flight to Hawaii could have done that if everyone simply did their job? Or that the disciplined IRS employees would have received millions in bonuses, further evidence of a corrupt part of a corrupt administration. The transparency of this administration is that we can see through them.

If you want unbiased local news at 10 p.m., go to Suddenlink channel 6 for the WSAZ news. WVAH local news is just Fox News lite.

Just because the liberal Charleston newspapers don’t print anything about Capito doesn’t mean she isn’t busy. I bet she’s accomplished more for this state than Rahall who has sat in DC twice as long.

How can a Kanawha County baseball coach call for a beam ball three years in a row on the same player and keep his job? Sounds criminal to me.

Showboat Joe can say or do anything he pleases knowing full well that come election time all he has to do is appear in front of the friendly cameras down at the union hall or at a bean dinner, claim he cares about working folks, and sling some mud on his opponent with complete assurance that low information, straight ticket voters aided by our softball media will elect and reelect him to any office he seeks.

Mark Plants did not violate any law, his behavior was questionable but no law was broken. His ex-wife has shown how vindictive she can be and the 11 year old boy has learned he can get away with beating up his younger and smaller step brother. WELL DONE

I was under the impression that spanking was legal in West Virginia with an open hand, the use of implements on a child was illegal. Did that change?

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