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Readers’ Voice: April 23, 2014

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After reading the desirable characteristics for state school superintendent, the perfect person for that job is Jorea Marple. Wonder what happened to that.

An article in the Gazette April 10 gave me three good reasons to vote Democratic: Lane, Moss and Walters. All three are against the Affordable Care Act, a minimum-wage increase and do not believe climate change is real. Moss stated he was chosen by God to run.

If you can’t find mutton, you can get lamb at the grocery store. The taste is similar.

Carrie Webster is in the wrong office. She would have been a great Obama appointee — she knows nothing, sees nothing and hears nothing.

If the mayor of Hurricane worried as much about the streets in his town as he does the dump out of his town, Hurricane would be a great place to go.

If Shelley Moore Capito gets in, you will not hear from her for another four years.

Just seen a South Charleston city fire truck running in Charleston. Has Charleston City Council cut the Fire Department so bad?

I think that was a beautiful piece of work, that Rob Byers talking about Mark Plants. He needs to go.

If Mark Plants were a Democrat, the editorial page on the Gazette would be very quiet.

The state counsel that is saying that Mark Plants should be suspended, they have no business sticking their nose into the way he raises his children. It is none of their business. He has the right to spank his kid.

You need to leave the Republicans before they leave you.

Putnam County needs more locations for recycling water bottles.

I bet if the Obama administration had its way, the entire state of West Virginia would be shut down and turned into a landfill for the rest of the country.

They have patched every hole from Bridge Road to Hampton Road and have not patched one hole coming down Longridge Road. Hey, $2 Danny. Can you patch the holes coming down Longridge Road?

My parents spanked me as a child, as a result I now suffer from a psychological condition called “respect for others.” You people out there that don’t think you should discipline your children are ignorant.

I was in Walmart shopping a week or so ago and, through no fault of Walmart, I was very uncomfortable. Two punks were running around showing off their pistols, and I would like to know what idiot gave them their permits.

The owner of the dog that attacked the child in Fayette County should be punished, and not the man who was just doing his job rightfully.

Is there a health department rule about restaurant workers wearing flip-flops? There is nothing more than disgusting than to have your food delivered to you in flip-flops, then to find out they are making it. Walking around in flip-flops, dirty and nasty flip-flops.

To the nurses and staff at Memorial Hospital on 5 West. I want to thank you for your kindness and the attention that you showed to my mother while she was in there for two weeks. It makes it easier on the family to know patients are being treated with such caring people. You are the best.

I would like to know if anyone out there knows where a Hoover vacuum cleaner shop is. I need to get a belt for my old Hoover.

The liberals and the socialists want to level the playing field so that the slop will prosper as well as the diligent. Is this the new American way?

This Mark Plants thing, I hope they throw the book of the law against him and his lawyer.

Back in the good old days, if we only got hit 10 times with a leather belt we considered ourselves lucky.

The president’s charge that voters’ rights are threatened by requiring ID is just absurd. Without proper ID, how many times might one be able to vote?

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