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Bobby May: People are “Sick of Nick” Joe Rahall


Letter to the editor from Bobby May

I agree with the recent letter from Paul Dorsey of Green Valley. By the looks of the current 3rd U.S. House race, a lot of folks have became “Sick of Nick” Joe Rahall after his almost 40 years in Congress.

Talk about a career politician! My son (age 32) works in the coalfields of southern West Virginia and Rahall has been in Congress longer than he has been in existence!

Rahall is a politics-aholic. He is hooked on power and used to being supported by the taxpayers with his $175,000 per year salary (compare that to what a coal miner earns).

Rahall seemed to be on his way to being a lifer in Congress until he made a fatal mistake: he fell in love with Barack Obama.

Obama set out to kill coal jobs and drive up electric bills and Rahall supported him even though he knew that Obama was the kiss-of-death for coal mining.

What Obama-crats like Rahall forget is that in supporting Obama’s left-wing job-killing agenda, they are robbing families of the paychecks that are vital to putting food on the table for working families in Coal Country.

Rahall has sold his political soul to Obama and Pelosi and in the process sold-out the hardworking families in coal country. A vote against Rahall is a vote against the Obama war-on-coal and a vote for term-limiting a career politics-aholic. God bless our coal mining families.

Bobby May

Hurley, Va.

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