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Your vents for April 24, 2014

* I think it’s wrong that police officers can talk on the cellphone and citizens can’t. I know because my companion was rear-ended at a stop sign while one was talking on his.

* I began reading Don Surber’s recent column on Social Security, hoping that maybe he had something constructive to say, but no, just the same old story of the Republicans wanting to get their hands on the Social Security money. No, no, a thousand times no.

* If the GOP really wants to improve Social Security, all they have to do is raise the limit of income on collecting Social Security taxes, but they won’t consider that. May cost the rich a few nickels.

* Those who are not rich and vote Republican are voting against their financial interests. The GOP says all the things they want to hear concerning social issues just to get them to vote to line their pockets. Read and reason; check it out.

* I don’t understand why they have to close an entire lane for four miles on Interstate 77 in the Edens Fork area when they’re only doing construction on a few feet of it.

* To the person who apparently has problems comprehending the English language: I did not say the 9/11 attacks had not been investigated. I said the Republican-controlled House of Representatives did not hold numerous hearings into why we had not been protected from the attacks, probably because there was a Republican sitting in the White House.

* Now we know why Robert Murray, of Murray Energy, has been so critical of President Obama, saying that his policies are ruining the coal mining industry. Murray Energy is stopping benefits for their retired salary workers, and he wants to blame this on Obama. It’s always about money. Disgusting.

* I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that Obama and the liberal Democrats refuse to supply weapons to the Democratic, pro-Western Ukrainian government to defend their territorial integrity, yet does not hesitate to send anti-tank missiles to the jihadi Sharia rebels in Syria.

* I noticed one of the Republican candidates for Congress in the 2nd District says he is “100 percent pro-life.” Does this mean he is against capital punishment and neither hunts, nor fishes? What about killing mosquitoes and wasps?

* It looks like President Obama has succeeded in his quest to divide the nation. Almost every day something derogatory is said about the rich and how we dislike them. Success has become a dirty word instead of being celebrated. These people are the ones who provide jobs.

* To the person who made the absurd claim that President Obama tried to raise our taxes over 400 times: name them.

* Charleston Gazette’s editorial on April 17 entitled “Leakers, hurrah for Snowden” was absurd. The editorial said, “Democracy is supposed to be transparent so citizens know what their leaders and bureaucrats are doing.” Can you imagine what would have happened if this philosophy had been used during World War II? The United States would have lost the war.

* Obama’s lies: He lied about keeping your doctor; he lied about keeping your insurance; he lied about saving $2,500 with Obamacare; he lied about Fast and Furious; he lied about Benghazi; he lied about the IRS; he lied about building the Keystone Pipeline; and, he lied about being the most transparent president.

* Why do you think Mark Plants used a belt on his child instead of his hand on the child’s bottom? The reason is you can inflict more pain with a belt. He was out to inflict pain. That tells you what kind of disciplinarian he is.

* Couldn’t Rahall get someone more prestigious than Cecil Roberts to endorse him? It is time for Rahall to retire. He has stayed at the trough too long. If his dad hadn’t had money he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

* To the person complaining in the Friday, April 18, Vent Line about not being able to find her way on Sixth Street in South Charleston, I’m not surprised. We don’t have a Sixth Street in South Charleston, but we do have a Sixth Avenue. So maybe she needs to pay more attention to street signs.

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