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Endorsement: Charlotte Lane has experience to best serve in U.S. House

The primary race for District 2 of the U.S. House of Representatives has a wide variety of choices, with seven candidates in the Republican primary.

They desire the seat held by Shelley Moore Capito, the 7-term Republican who is giving up a nearly sure shot at reelection to run for the U.S. Senate seat being opened by the retirement of Jay Rockefeller.

The Republican candidates are Robert Fluharty, Steve Harrison, Charlotte Lane, Alex Mooney, Jim Moss, Ken Reed and Ron Walters Jr. They have a mixture of experience among them, with Lane, Mooney and Reed being the best funded.

Besides Lane, candidates from the Charleston area are Harrison and Walters. Harrison and Walters are knowledgeable, promising gentlemen with strong backgrounds, but for now their talents might be better served by gaining more experience before seeking a D.C. run later in their still young careers.

Alex Mooney is well funded and is campaigning hard. He’s a tea party darling who moved to the state’s Eastern Panhandle from western Maryland to be, he said, in a more conservative state. While he is surely a strong conservative with many endorsements, voters must consider whether the state newcomer would help ease – or add to – the gridlock in Congress.

Pharmacist Ken Reed is running a mostly self-funded campaign. He’s a successful job creator who has established a regional chain of pharmacies. He is running because he is personally and professionally seeing the impact of Obamacare and worries smaller healthcare businesses will become economic victims unless there are major reforms to the nation’s so-called healthcare reform.

Yet of all the Republicans, Charleston native Charlotte Lane is the reasonable conservative with a proven record of government administration who could make an effective representative. She’s got the backing to run a strong race, the smarts to know when to fight and when to compromise, and the experience to know what works in government and what doesn’t.

In the May 13 Republican primary, the Daily Mail endorses Charlotte Lane.

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