Your vents for April 28, 2014

I’m a union coal miner and when I see Cecil Roberts making a commercial for Rahall I have to laugh. This is the same Cecil Roberts who campaigned for Barack Obama.

Still, no news regarding Flight 370’s disappearance. All I can think about is the little 3-year-old boy on board and how frightened he must have been.

To the one who wrote in to plant trees: That’s a good idea. Please plant other trees because they make good firewood.

We really need some road repair on Woodrum Lane in Charleston really bad. Everything from slips, potholes, ditches and you name it, we’ve got it. Please come out here and work on this road.

Thank you to the young man employed by Outback Steakhouse. He performed the Heimlich on a customer last week and saved his life.

A nation can simply not afford to support half of its population with various forms of public assistance and still maintain a strong national defense, roads and a vibrant private sector economy with good jobs.

Why can’t our government seem to keep their big nose out of other people’s business and just work on the problems we have here in America? If they could just handle that job I think the people would think a lot more highly of them.

What does Steve Roberts have to do with the water crisis? He just wants to dictate how the Republican Party votes.

The S.N.A.P. program means “supplemental nutrition assistance program.” Since when have gummy bears, Slurpee’s, candy bars, potato chips etc. been considered nutritional? People aren’t providing properly for their children with these cards.

I voted for Morrissey and even contributed to his campaign. I thought anything would be better than McGraw. So far I am not eager to do so again unless his actions change. Morrissey and I do not have the same goals.

It’s nice that the Charleston Daily Mail had a picture of WVU’s award-winning rifle team, but it is a shame they didn’t have names with any of the pictures.

Does anyone notice how bad the Tornado Post Office looks? There are holes the size of Texas in the parking lot and the grass is up to your knees.

It is my understanding that all of the circuit judges in Kanawha County removed themselves from hearing the allegations against Mark Plants. Why would a circuit judge be hearing arguments from the city of Charleston in reference to Mark Plants? It seems to be the same thing.

Regarding the Kanawha County Board of Education elections: I wouldn’t vote for Vic Sprouse if my life depended on it because of all he has been involved in. I wouldn’t vote for Ryan White because of the $70,000 he has raised. I wouldn’t vote for Becky Jordon for raising $20,000. I vote for Pete Thaw, Curtis Robinson and Tracy White. I also wouldn’t vote for Calvin McKinney because he has been in the school system too long.

Isn’t the Paul Ryan budget funny in that it makes the middle class pay $2,000 more per year in taxes but yet it gives the rich a $200,000 tax cut? If that is the way you think our country should be run then encourage your representatives to vote for it.

I don’t think the government has any right to tell Mark Plants he cannot spank his own children.

I’d love to see schools write in to the Vent Line bragging about their wonderful yearly academic scores. Be sure and send a copy to the legislature. When will people get serious about stamping out ignorance?

There’s an old saying that seems appropriate for people in these difficult times. “Don’t point a finger; lend a hand.” We can all learn from this saying.

The charges against Mark Plants are trumped up political charges. If he had been a Democrat doing this nothing would have been said.

To the caller who asked how many times they were going to run the movie “Forrest Gump” in one week: that is why you have a channel selector — you can change the channel.

I am 80 years old and I am ashamed to say that I am a true West Virginia citizen. Everything in the Vent Line is negative. We need to start becoming more positive.

Wow, I just read in the Wall Street Journal where more than 2,800 IRS employees who had been disciplined recently received performance bonuses totaling more than $2.8 million between Oct. 1, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2012. The agency is out of control.

A multi-million-dollar deer industry for West Virginia providing many jobs sounds fantastic. The state Department of Agriculture needs to get with it.

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