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Readers’ Voice: April 28, 2014

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The medicine manufacturers need to get with it. Their business resides with old people. We have trouble seeing sometimes. You need to make your directions in larger print.

Every thug in Charleston carries a gun and Danny Jones wants good people to not be able to carry a gun and defend themselves. When he takes away from the thugs and lets the police do their work in Charleston, then the good people won’t have to carry a gun then.

Car dealers and insurance companies are on the TV commercials all the time. If they’d save some of their money from the commercials and put it back on the consumers, I believe they would be better off.

This whole thing with Mark Plants seems to be a joke with him. Do you notice the smirk on his face in all the pictures?

When are the Charleston-area restaurants going to follow the AARP’s lead and give 15 percent off? Denny’s does it, but we have no Denny’s.

Kroger, please come back to Quincy. Walmart does not appreciate its customers.

Since the sheriff’s department did such a good job at cleaning up the drugs on Kay Lane at Mink Shoals, come on down on Conner Drive and clean that up.

A person wondered why President Obama wasn’t being impeached for delaying the Keystone pipeline. First of all, the Keystone pipeline would benefit only a Canadian company shipping oil overseas, and secondly, politics isn’t an impeachable offense; if it were, 90 percent of government officials would be forced out of office.

I’ll go along with your “Thou shalt not kill” on abortion if you will also apply it to capital punishment and war.

So a person works hard and earns raises to get above minimum wage. Stroke of pen, those who didn’t work hard now get the same wage. Is that fair? Instead of raising minimum wage maybe they should make annual raises a requirement.

Becky Jordon flatters herself if she thinks dress codes and abstinence are tough issues. On the contrary, they’re the kinds of meaningless distractions that dilettantes playing at education reform pretend are important because they’re either unwilling or unable to deal with the real problems.

Now the GOP is disputing the enrollment figures for the Affordable Care Act. The numbers are cooked, trickery, a new conspiracy! I think their problem is they are still using that Karl Rove new math which assured them in 2012 that Mitt Romney would win the presidency by a landslide.

For those opposed to the Point Pleasant High School Prom being on Easter Saturday, from a florist viewpoint, it is much better than the evening before Mothers Day.

Are there any plans on keeping a lifelong medical check on babies born in the Kanawha Valley during and shortly after the water poisoning? Authorities still check those who were born near an atomic bomb building plant or testing area at no cost to the victims.

Surprise, surprise, the Gazette opinion page is endorsing Natalie Tennant. That really shocks me.

New Republican health plan was announced today. Very simple: “Marry a Canadian.”

The needs of our country to address climate change, mend our decaying bridges and roadways could possibly be filled. To start, perhaps we could elect leaders who would stop the more than $100 billion of government waste, fraud and abuse found in the Pentagon budget every year. We need people who will simply do their job.

The argument that a family cannot live on minimum wage is not valid. Minimum-wage jobs should be a stepping stone to higher education, through college or vocational training. The elderly of today were brought up to believe that after high school, some sort of secondary education would be needed to get a job to raise families. There was no mention of food stamps, welfare or any type government assistance.

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