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Editorial: Early voting starts today

Early voting for the May 13 Primary Election starts today and runs through May 10. Here are Gazette endorsements in Democratic races:

U.S. Senate - Natalie Tennant

U.S. House (Second District) - Nick Casey

U.S. House (Third District) - Nick Rahall

House of Delegates (13th District) - Rosalee Juba-Plumley and Josh Martin

Delegates (35th District) - John Caudill, Thornton Cooper, Bobbi Hatfield and Sherri Wong

Delegates (36th District) - Nancy Guthrie, Larry Rowe and Danny Wells

Delegates (37th District) - Richard Lindsay

For the

Kanawha school board - Becky Jordon, Calvin McKinley and Ryan White

Putnam school board - Dr. Craig Spicer

Kanawha safety levy - Yes

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