Readers’ voice: April 29, 2014

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Thank you Charleston Gazette editor for endorsing Natalie Tennant.

I know that the city of Charleston has sweeper trucks, but can we please get one on a weekly basis, coming up on Stuart, Hunt and all the ones up there on the hill?

Americans cannot own a thing as long as they are still paying property taxes. Especially Kanawha County raising property taxes again.

Why is it every time I turn on my computer I see something about the Kardashians? Who cares about these people? We know what they are.

When they find the plane, then tell us they found it. Until then, shut up about it.

The reader who called to criticize and demean President Obama obviously has no understanding of the depth and importance of his job.

Thanks to the young man at Outback last week. He performed the Heimlich on a customer and saved his life. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a PEIA insuree, I called PEIA’s toll-free number to report a fraudulent billing. I was informed they did not have a fraud unit. That is so sad after hearing about the Medicare fraud.

This is in concern of the fees paid to closed down streets for different committees and clubs. I bet the people would be interested to know if Danny Jones has to pay anything for closing the boulevard.

Affirmative Action has been wrong from the beginning. You work to achieve your goal in education and life. It is not about skin color, but intelligence.

I think people need to realize the difference between spanking a child and child abuse. Hitting a child with a belt is abuse. If you were to hit an adult with a belt, you would be charged. So, the same thing for children.

The city of Winfield needs a grocery store badly. We have to drive five miles to a grocery store. Just a convenience store with produce would sure help with groceries.

Attention Kanawha City dog owners. Charleston has a law that says dogs must be kept on a leash. There are people who are terrified of dogs, just the same as anyone afraid of flying. Allowing your dog to run free while you walk along holding the unsnapped leash is breaking the law.

Did you ever notice when you put the words “the” and “IRS” together it spells theirs? How true is that?

The three branches of government are doing more to undermine this country than all other outside forces. How can that be America?

I feel bad for those hundreds of coal miners that are going to get laid off with Patriot Coal. But I wonder in November will they stick with Nick?

If you want war and more wars and tax credits to the wealthy and your Social Security taken, then vote for a Republican.

I like Danny Jones and I think he is a good man. I don’t think he knows what is going on down at the Charleston Sanitary Board.

Channel 8 News is milking the MCHM chemical spill into infinity. Meth labs must be on the down-low.

Budget Tapes is the best place in Charleston to go shopping. John is the best one down there.

Does anyone know how to get ivy off shingles on an old house? Some of the ivy is dead and the new crop is starting to go. Does it have to be done for a professional or can homeowners do it themselves?

If you bring back the military draft, you would cut the alcohol and drug problems in half.

I can’t believe the uproar about guns in rec centers. I think they should hand out guns to everybody who enters a rec center, church, airplane, etc. — then we would all be safe.

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