Camp fund raises $21K; still time to give

In honor of children and grandchildren. In honor of friends. In memory of those who are gone.

The dedications in a list of donations to the Gazette Charities Send-a-Child-to-Camp Fund are filled with love and respect for friends and family. Sometimes, they reach out to others who have made a difference: “In honor of the medical personnel whose work has helped to preserve my eyesight,” reads one of the dedications in today’s list.

Who would your donation seek to honor?

There’s still time to give to the camp fund, which uses donations — every penny —from generous Gazette readers to help send children from our area to summer camp. This week, the fund raised more than $7,500, bringing the grand total to more than $21,600. Unfortunately, that is still shy of our goal.

To give a gift to the fund, and perhaps to honor someone you love, look for the donation coupon in today’s paper or go online to and click on the camp fund logo.

Here’s a list of this week’s donors:

Betty Caplan, in memory of Fred and Mimi Caplan, $50

Patricia S. Nelson, $100

Agatha Rubin, $100

William R. Brown, in honor of the medical personnel whose work has helped to preserve my eyesight, $15

Jack and Janet Durbin, in memory of Ruby Durbin, $25

Dolores M. Smith, $30

Daisy Bennett, $25

Michelle Negro, in honor of Josephine Smith, $20

James Wilmoth, $50

Kenneth Connelly, in honor of Georgette Connelly, $80

Paul Warder, $25

Mrs. Sandy Williams, in honor of my grandchildren, $100

Paul and Myrna Parsons, in memory of Roger Carte Sr., $50

Janet Nunley, $200

Eric and Kathryn Wood, $120

Sowers and Company, A.C., $500

Doris and Jim Smith, $150

Betty and Earl Patrick, $50

Joanna Osborne, $50

Betty Lashley, in memory of Phillip Wolford, $50

Steve Ledahawsky, $100

Susan Glenn, in memory of Ethan Glenn, $30

James Dotson, in memory of Kermit and Georgia Dotson, $45

George and Nancy Guthrie, in honor of Otis L. Laury, $250

Jack and Patty Adkins, in honor of our children and grandchildren who enjoyed camping! $25

Sally and Charlie Love, in honor of our children, $200

Myrt O’Dell, in memory of John, $50

Charlotte McMillan, in memory of Big Harve and Uncle Ned, $25

Elliott William Harvit and Pamela Meadows Harvit, $1,000

Julia Blackwood, in memory of Uncle Bob Grady, $50

Carol P. Folden, in memory of my loving husband, Coach Jay Folden, $100

Mrs. Fred Casteel, in memory and honor of Rusty, Cathie and Jason Webb — Camp LightFoot, $25

Susan and Trip Shumate, in memory of Elizabeth Shumate, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Carol Maxwell Gravely, $30

Anonymous, in memory of Elizabeth Dickinson, $10

Anonymous, in memory of Bruce Bartlett, Will Cooke, Matt Poffenbarger, Collett Smith, $100

Anonymous, in honor of Taylor, Abby, and Hudson, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Hobby, $500

Anonymous, in memory of my brothers, $50

Anonymous, in memory of GMC, $100

Anonymous, in memory of David, $25

Anonymous, in memory of my husband, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Bud Patterson, $50

Anonymous (combined), $2,660

Total for the week, $7,540

Grand total, $21,648.95

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