Readers voice: May 2, 2014

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Please people, keep having yard sales. There are people on limited income, limited resources, they need the yard sales for their children to have clothes, shoes, etc. and especially the elderly they buy a lot of their stuff at sales. Nitro is just an ordinary town; it is not a dump or looks any worse than Dunbar, St. Albans or any place else. Please keep having your yard sales.

I know the Gazette says these many things that Hatfield is for, but what has she done since being in politics.

Just wondering, if a person is 100-percent pro-life, then what is birth control for?

Mayor Jones has hired six new officers. Where are the women, where are minorities? What kind of message is he sending? He needs to rehire and include women and minorities.

To those people calling and criticizing Manchin, I would say they are not living in reality, Manchin is one of the finest senators we have ever had and he is one of the very few that will stand up to Obama. If he were to run again tomorrow he would lead the ticket and if he decides to come back and run for governor he will be elected and I will do my darndest to see that he is.

To the person who doesn’t understand how somebody with “zero qualifications and socialist beliefs” got to be president. Surprise, it’s called an election. Ain’t it great how it works?

I recently noticed an old political sticker on a pick-up truck that read: “Veterans for Bush,” and I thought how could that be? Bush was a deserter from his military unit during the Vietnam war and how could have any honorable veteran vote for him, especially in 2004, when a proven, decorated combat commander was running against him? More proof of the adage: Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.

Shelley Moore Capito voted for the Ryan budget. Enough said. The Republican/Ryan budget cuts Social Security, gives more huge tax breaks to the super wealthy and cuts services to the poor. What a shameful act of political injustice while denying hard working (but poor) people a raise in the minimum wage.

Voters in the Upper Kanawha Valley: We are still looking for the new grade school that was talked about for years.

Everyone take a deep breath. Think clearly, now. Vic Sprouse is running for Board of Education. He is on his fifth marriage. Is that a good indicator for one we want voting on issues relating to children in our schools?

I would like to thank the lady in Nitro that helped me load my groceries into my car and kept the woman that was trying to hustle money from me away from me, she was very sweet and I appreciate it.

Does anyone know what happened to Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel?

I have been on the do-not-call list for years and I call and update it every year. I am still getting calls from everywhere that I know should not be calling me. What is the attorney general of the state of West Virginia doing about this, nothing. Bring back Darrell McGraw for God’s sake.

Sounds to me like Charleston Sanitary Board don’t know how to manage their money, if they cant afford to pay their employees to be on call or give them the cost-of-living raises that other city employees get, something’s wrong. I want to know where my tax money is going as well as the dollars for the huge sanitation bill I pay.

The reader who would blame any omissions or incompetence in any job in government, business or industry on the current administration, is clearly in a la-la land of his or her own making.

To the person who was concerned about the two people carrying pistols in Wal-Mart and wanting to know who gave them a permit, I too saw a person in the Spencer Wal-Mart carrying a pistol. A person only needs a permit to conceal the pistol, but does not need a permit to carry the pistol so that others may see it.

It would be interesting for the police to make public just how many of the drug dealing shooters have a legal gun permit. I am betting zero. But then maybe those of us that do wouldn’t get so much slack.

If Republicans take control, then on you it will take a toll.

Veterans are dying while on a long waiting list to be treated, when VA hospital administrators are receiving taxpayers-paid bonuses. Now does anybody think that Obamacare will be any better?

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