Make your own fun this summer

By By Aaliyah Jones
Riverside High School

Everyone needs some new fun things to do with friends this summer since not everyone can afford to take lavish vacations. If you already know that your summer plans are going to need some excitement added, then check out this list of fun, inexpensive ideas. After that, when you get bored, grab some friends, spend a few bucks and start the fun!

So many things are easy to create and have fun with. If you don’t see something you like on this list, just search the Internet for something that interests you, find some directions and do it. One great site for inexpensive, creative, do-it-yourself summer fun ideas is Pinterest. There’s no reason to be bored this summer!


Items needed:

A liter of Sprite

A bag of fruity gummy bears

Plastic popsicle mold or small paper cups (3 oz. or so) and wooden popsicle sticks (in the craft section)

A freezer

Total: about $5


1. If using a popsicle mold, clean it thoroughly before first use.

2. Add as many or as few gummy bears as you want to the mold or cups.

3. Pour Sprite in to fill the rest of the way.

4. Place in freezer until frozen solid.

5. Take out, and enjoy.



Items needed:

Twister board

A few bottles of shaving cream (not gel)

Red, yellow, blue and green food coloring

4 plastic bowls

Old clothes

A nice place to play

Total: about $12


1. Find your location and invite some friends.

2. Set up your Twister board.

3. Divide shaving cream into four bowls.

4. Add a different color food coloring to each bowl and mix.

5. Place dollops of coordinating colors on each Twister circle.

6. Get out there, and play some messy Twister.



Items needed:

A roll of 4mm plastic sheeting

Duct tape

Water hose

Glitter or food coloring (optional)

Total: about $6


1. Fold the plastic sheeting in half.

2. Duct tape the three open sides shut, leaving a small hole open for the hose. (Keep the duct tape handy in case of leaks.)

3. Put the hose in, and let it fill.

4. Add glitter or dye (optional).

5. When it’s full, take out the hose, and tape the hole shut.

6. Slip, slide, jump and enjoy.



Items needed:

Bottles of clear glue

Liquid starch

Plastic bowls

Food coloring

Total: about $6


1. Put one cup of liquid starch in a bowl.

2. Add one cup of glue.

3. Stir and then separate into different bowls for each color you want.

4. Add food coloring to each bowl of slime and mix.

5. Stretch the slime, and have fun.



Items needed:

1 piece of 1/2-inch PVC pipe (one pipe will make several guns)

1 T-joint (per gun)

1 cap (per gun)

Mini marshmallows

Decorative duct tape (optional)

Total: about $3


1.Cut your pipe, so you have an 8-inch piece, a 2-inch piece and a 3.5-inch piece.

2. Attach the 2-inch piece (your mouthpiece) and the 8-inch piece in the horizontal ends of the T-joint.

3. Attach the 3.5-inch piece in the vertical end of the T-joint.

4. Screw the cap onto the open end of the 3.5-inch piece.

5. Add tape to create flair and a tighter seal (optional).

6. Load your mini marshmallows, and let the fun begin.

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