Moments in Time

A&W Root Beer on Central Avenue -- Anyone who grew up in the Kanawha Valley in the ‘50s and ‘60s, grew up with A&W Root Beer. In those days you didn’t need a “Playland” or “Happy Meal” to have a great place to eat. All you needed was a little block building with a plywood front, painted a gaudy orange. But from those humble surroundings came forth the best hot dogs, fried bologna sandwiches, and other treats that money could buy. The star attraction of course was the root beer, served up in big mugs that had been frozen in advance. If you wanted your root beer to go, you ordered a quart megaphone of the wonderful stuff. That’s right, your root beer would be sealed in a megaphone that you could actually use by cutting the bottom out. The photo is interesting because it’s obviously winter, and yet the kids have the top down on the car. Why? Because this was an ad for Stonewall Jackson High School’s 1964 yearbook. J. Waters/

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