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Readers’ Voice: May 6, 2014

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Whether a veteran, active military or just a regular citizen, I have no sympathy for someone driving around with a bunch of guns in their car who “mistakenly” crosses the border into Mexico and winds up in jail, without bail, on weapons charges, facing 20 years in prison. Do you think if a Mexican “mistakenly” drove into the U.S. with a bunch of guns and was arrested, the state would think, even for a moment, of releasing the prisoner on bail or otherwise dropping the charges?

When you think about it, neither prayer nor cursing has changed any situation. All they are good for is to make the speaker feel better.

Kudos to President Obama. It takes a real man to stand up to the chicken hawks, aka the Republican Party.

It boggles the mind that there are some ignorant people who want us to get militarily involved in the Ukraine civil war. How are we supposed to help the situation by sending a small military force thousands of miles to get caught in the middle? We don’t have the manpower to send a sizable force, we could not keep them supplied, and Russia has hundreds of thousands of soldiers just a few miles away.

Our taxes are being used to provide “safety net” resources for full-time employees of profitable companies. Who made that up?

More gun control wouldn’t have stopped the shooting of the bouncer or the shootings on the West Side. The bad guys will still be shooting the unarmed good guys.

The volume of a TV channel is too loud so instead of using remote to turn the volume down somebody thinks it’s easier to pick up phone and call Readers’ Voice. That’s the “I’m helpless” attitude that’s destroying our country.

The expert on the Southridge post office isn’t much of an expert. There is a post office service center over next to Sam’s Club and Penn Station subs.

Things are going to get really bad, all the drilling and fracking is using the gas the devil has reserved to fuel his furnaces. Believe me he will get even. You don’t mess with the devil.

Do people really believe that coal companies must be protected? Do we really need to fight any sort of fight for them? I think they can handle their own problems. It is “we the people” that need protection from the coal and chemical companies. Just a bunch of rich crazy thugs that have robbed the people of this state. I sure will not vote for anyone that wants to protect lawless, reckless companies, let’s take care of the workers and people that have to live around these coal and chemical operations.

This is one who wishes the whole NBA would implode, dissolve and go away. I haven’t watched a game in many years and couldn’t be paid to watch one of their games today.

Trails can be a good thing for a county, but they can also be a mechanism to remove job-creating infrastructure and provide a means to increase our property taxes. Beware Kanawha County.

Why does The Charleston Gazette never run any of the numerous stories about Israeli settler violence in Palestine? In my news feed today are stories about settlers uprooting olive trees and defacing mosques.

That’s right, Republicans, let’s do away with Obamacare and go back to the old days of kissing the insurance company’s rear in the hope of getting medical coverage for our families.

If Cliven Bundy and his supporters were black or Latino, and wore hoodies instead of cowboy hats, Fox News would call them “armed thugs” instead of “militia,” and would be calling for their arrest.

I read with interest the article in Saturday’s Gazette-Mail about the mountaintop removal near Kanawha State Forest. Why is there no outcry about the mountaintop removal at the airport? Is it because this is not a mine site, and only mining is bad?

The Bush apologist who said that it was a lie that Bush did not desert his unit during the Vietnam war needs to check the Texas National Guard pay records for 1972. If you don’t train and attend meetings, you don’t get paid. And Bush didn’t get paid. That aside, he was and is a coward for not honoring his follow airmen by not volunteering to fly in Vietnam. Calling him “commander in chief” would be laughable if it were not an insult to servicemen everywhere.

The gal that recorded Mr. Sterling has made her point. She is now on TV, fast rise to celebrity status, and he is apparently marked for life. An absolute miscarriage of justice. I hope he fights them to the end.

I really hope those Detroit drug dealers are paying their $2 a week to work in the Emerald City, otherwise they might really get in trouble. Wizard of Charleston Danny Jones has to have a piece of that pie too.

To the caller venting about how the Clippers owner is being treated, and lamenting the loss of freedom under Obama, it appears you would have liked things better before Lincoln was elected as well.

To the misinformed reader who blames Obama for any industry moving to Canada, you are wrong. My for-profit business colleagues and I are locating our manufacturing company in Ontario because there is an 18 percent lower payroll burden expense due to their very successful single payer universal health care. The greedy Koch brothers and their minions of right wing Republicans have opposed and prevented the U.S. from joining the rest of the civilized world in getting the profit driven insurance companies out of health care, significantly lowering the costs, improving results and covering everyone.

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