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Gupta, Frich talk about water on ‘The Daily Show’

By Staff reports

“The Daily Show,” Comedy Central’s fake news show hosted by Jon Stewart, dipped a toe into the Kanawha Valley’s water crisis on Wednesday night.

Jordan Klepper interviewed Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department, and Delegate Cindy Frich, R-Monongalia.

Gupta said Thursday morning that he taped his interview about a month ago, and “Daily Show” producers asked him to keep it quiet until it aired. He said that the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department’s board president and communications director sat in on the taping.

“I was more glad after watching it, because you’re always nervous,” Gupta said. “They gave us the insight of what they were planning to do, obviously you never know, and they can edit it, but it turned out all right.”

The satirical news show theorized that state lawmakers, specifically Republicans, had been contaminated by the chemical spill from Freedom Industries and had come down with a “mild case of social responsibility” as a result, approving a bill that tightened regulations on chemical companies.

The end of the report, though, talked about a bill that weakened rules for selenium in West Virginia’s water as if it happened in the wake of the water crisis. Lawmakers passed that bill last year. This year, they rejected a bill that would have weakened aluminum standards in the state’s water.

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