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Readers’ Voice: May 10, 2014

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The state Division of Personnel and Workforce West Virginia hosting an event to provide information to gain full-time state employment was my giggle for the morning. I worked for state government for 32 years and know firsthand that a big qualifier for employment is to know an influential person, i.e. senator, or have the right last name. It is definitely a “not what you know but who you know” situation.

I see Nick Rahall through his ads with Cecil Roberts are once again using coal miners for their personal agendas. Nick has had 19 terms in the House. I think that is long enough.

Top-O-Rock is the “Mona Lisa” of architecture in West Virginia. It should be restored and used as some sort of facility that is open to the public to enjoy.

Indeed there are people who oppose Obama because he’s the wrong color. There are also those who support him solely because he’s the right color. That door swings both ways.

I am elderly and disabled and just recently moved to Central Avenue, South Charleston. The sidewalk in front of the house was all broken and in need of repair, making it a hazard for me to walk on. I called the city Street Department and that very day the problem was assessed and taken care of within two weeks.

God is upset with America? How did I miss this announcement? Or is someone presuming to speak for God again?

In the current discussion of who served during the Vietnam War, let us not overlook the rabid hawk Dick Cheney, who “had other priorities” and got five deferments from the draft. Coward.

This state is polluted with unethical and crooked prosecutors.

When alcohol was banned during the 1920s and the illegal manufacture and sale of alcohol caused a lot of criminal activity and made many crooks rich, how did we solve the problem? We legalized, taxed and restricted the sale of it. That is the only solution to our current drug problem, if only the politicians had the intestinal fortitude to do it.

The only people saying Obamacare is a success are the ones getting something for free or at a major discounted rate. The rest of us are either losing coverage or paying more.

Do the people downplaying the Benghazi attack even know what the fuss is about? The problem isn’t what happened that night. It’s the lack of support during the weeks before the attack. Hillary’s State Department ignored their requests for added security.

The West Virginia car inspection is a complete farce, all they checked were my lights and charged me $12 and tax. Let’s quit doing it.

With all the money that Congressman Rahall has brought through West Virginia over a period of many, many years, between roads, business, federal projects, grants — my lord have mercy, you think Jenkins can do that? I think not. I stick with Nick.

The jobless rate is the lowest it has been in five years. What did Mitt Romney have to do with that? In fact, where has he been? Come on, Mitt, get in the game. You were all for America.

Did our government just give a billion dollars to Ukraine? Did they really do that?

Thank you to the Gazette for printing the Kanawha County legislative districts on the big page, color-coded and all. I am going to keep that one.

What is it going to take for the city to step in and do something about the crime on the West Side? Can I sue the city of Charleston for the declining property values, the inability now to sell my home and even move away from this crime-stricken area? And why are there so many people being allowed to live here and locate here with drugs and gun activity from Detroit?

Thugs from Detroit shooting up our community, thugs from Wisconsin telling us what we can and can’t believe in. Time for God-fearing West Virginia people stand up and take back what was ours.

It’s amazing to me — MCHM — people in Amandaville have to smell it and live with it, but the people in Hurricane are too good to smell MCHM. That’s the difference between money and no money.

Is there anyone out there that can tell us what to do about all these dogs up Hughes Creek? They are not licensed, have no collars and they belong to people and they let them run loose.

To the person that wanted an amusement park in Charleston, we have one. It’s called City Hall.

Thanks, Shelley Moore Capito, for voting against veterans.

Kanawha State Forest is near South Hills, so the South Hills residents are going to allow strip mining that close to their homes? I thought they had more pride than that. Somebody asleep at the wheel.

I was so glad to read that the Gazette and the Sunday Gazette-Mail are going to carry a series of Jerry Waters photos. I am 70 years old and his photos always bring back some memories that I may have forgotten. Thank you so much. Long live Jerry.

For the people downing Cecil Roberts, UMWA president, he has helped a lot of miners, including the Patriot miners that went bankrupt and the court wouldn’t hardly award them nothing and he got them some medical. You all are dead wrong.

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