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Vent line: May 10, 2014

To the person criticizing Natalie Tennant for having a rifle: Don’t you know she was the first female Mountaineer mascot at West Virginia University? She is a great rifle person.

Give Dollar Danny one more term and Charleston will look like Thurmond, West Virginia. He cannot run businesses and people out of town fast enough. I’d rather have Plants as mayor than four Danny Joneses.

To the people who are raising their children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren: You need to get in touch with a network that will tell your story. I’d tune in.

I’d like to know who at the city of Charleston got the kickbacks for these horrible clear recycle bags. I cut grass with a push lawn mower and if you put very much in them they rip. You can’t fill them up more than halfway.

Obama tries to help America by reining in the credit card companies, the banks and the insurance companies from doing bad things to us. With little help from Congress the outcome of his efforts were less than gratifying, but he tried. Bless him for that.

South Charleston should be South Charleston and it should be our address if you live in the city limits of South Charleston, not Charleston. Keep things straight.

I cannot believe the people of Kanawha County are going to have to pay Don Morrison $200 an hour. Five hours a day would be $1,000. Five days a week would be $5,000. In a month it would be $20,000. He should be ashamed himself for even taking that much from the county. I think it is awful.

Dave Fletcher says he has calmed down a lot. He hasn’t calmed down at all. He is still a hothead. He has threatened some of the neighbors with different things and I wouldn’t vote for him for anything.

You are not going to be able to tell me that the Charleston Police Department cannot find one valid set of fingerprints in that house that has been destroyed by vandals.

Why do all the politicians in West Virginia sound like they are running against Obama? They don’t talk about a platform for themselves, it is just their hatred for Obama. It’s sad. It just doesn’t leave people many options as to who to vote for. Get rid of the hatred and just run to help the people of West Virginia.

To go in and out of a door properly you have to be smarter than the door. Unfortunately a lot of people around here must not be smarter than the door. The handles are on the door for a reason and there is even a little sign that reads “push” or “pull.” Those are good instructions to follow. And you’ll get through life a lot easier.

Rockefeller is an idiot to say that we don’t like Obama just because he is black.

Hillary Clinton is a feminist. She supports all women in the United States except one. And I’ll let you deduce which woman that is.

If the obituary asks for a donation to be made in lieu of flowers, please also list the address where the donation is to be mailed or sent. It sure is hard to find the address of the animal shelter.

So, according to Rockefeller, we should all agree with Obama’s policies because he is black?

A vote for Calvin McKinney is a vote for the children of Kanawha County.

Rockefeller is dead wrong. It is not about race. It is about Obama’s policies.

Who does Danny Jones think he is? His recent comments about who likes who in the police and prosecutor’s office sounds like a whining little child. He is on a power trip and it is plain to see what his agenda is. He has become a total embarrassment to the citizens of Charleston with his outrageous and immature views.

I just read an article in the newspaper where Rockefeller is saying because of Obama’s skin color things are not going his way. Well the truth of the matter is, he is as much white as he is black. I’ve never seen a president like him who cannot honor the Constitution.

Jay Rockefeller is a typical, know-it-all bigoted liberal. I don’t oppose Barack Hussein Obama because of his color but because of his socialist beliefs.

A teacher told her 12-year-old student that he couldn’t read the Bible on his own time in her classroom. Would you not think that progressives are trying to censor and deny our freedoms?

Same old, same old in Charleston. South Hills gets the subdivision and the West Side gets the low income. Thanks, $2 Danny.

All of the politicians running for office are running scared. They won’t even put their party affiliation on their political signs. Know who you are voting for.

Only in West Virginia would an old bridge be left to turn into an eyesore like the Elkview Bridge and an interesting architectural wonder like Top-O-Rock would be torn down. Thank goodness we don’t have a Frank Lloyd Wright house here for them to tear down.

A vote for Ryan White and Becky Jordan is a vote for increased property taxes.

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