Letters: May 13, 2014

State is responsible for employees’ actions


This is concerning the editorial on 4A in the paper. I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. How is the state of West Virginia not responsible for the people the state hires to represent it? If you or I have a dog and it bites the neighbor, aren’t we the ones who pay up? What are our lives going to be like in a state where the Supreme Court gives a pass to rape, kill, extort, beat and torture the inmates of our state. Not just that, we are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of hard-working and law-abiding West Virginians. Why doesn’t the state think of them? I’m at Mount Olive Correctional Complex and this has really caused a stir. In any crime there is a victim and they have family. Does anybody ever stop to think we have family too? Please do not let this be passed under a desk. Run an in-depth story on what our lawmakers and courts are doing to ruin our rights as Americans.

William Jay Copley

Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Small businesses will be hurt by ACA tax


There’s a section of the Affordable Care Act that will harm small businesses unless Congress takes immediate action. I’m referring to the Health Insurance Tax (HIT), which kicked in at the beginning of this year. Though assessed on health insurance companies, it will result in increased premiums for small businesses. It’s not right for us to pay for the Affordable Care Act, and many of us cannot afford to do so, especially in this economy.

My business covers 100 percent of our employees’ health insurance; that may change as costs skyrocket. Not only will it hurt our bottom line, but it will impact our ability to contribute to our community. Our donations are made locally, whether it’s for the VFW, the Ronald McDonald House, kids’ sports teams or school events. When expenses rise, such as those imposed by the HIT tax, it makes it harder for us to help.

We’ve been in business since 1929. We want to continue serving our city, but we need our elected officials in Washington to support the passage of “The Small Business and Family Protection Act,” which would delay the HIT tax for two years and allow small businesses to plan ahead.

Mark Maltempie

Cunningham, Parker Johnson Funeral Home


Putnam event a showcase for jobs


The staff and faculty at Putnam Career and Technical Center wish to thank all representatives for participating in our annual Career Day/Job Fair on April 10. We think this was a worthwhile and beneficial activity for all those who attended.

The Putnam County Career Day/Job Fair was designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of opportunities available to students and adults in various areas of employment from the local area and continuing education opportunities from colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, branches of the military and local trade councils. It was organized for the Putnam County community at large including high school seniors, adult students, unemployed citizens and other interested persons.

Area employers, colleges, branches of the military and local trade councils were invited to Putnam Career and Technical Center where there were morning and afternoon sessions for participants seeking immediate or future employment or continuing educational opportunities.

Approximately 600 persons were served by this project. Again, thank you for your participation and making this one of our most successful Career/Job Fair.

We provide equal services and benefits for everyone without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, political affiliations or disability.

Carol I. Bauer

Putnam County Career and Technical Center


Letter on W.Va. bought tears to my eyes


As I read Evan Osnos’ “Letter from West Virginia: Chemical Valley” in The New Yorker on March 31, I had tears in my eyes. I’m not sure how much I learned that was new but it put the past, present and future in perspective in a way that made the sadness just well up in me. How could we have let the economic and political forces in West Virginia become so destructive? What should I tell my students?

Paul Edwards


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