The GOP protests too much

GOP protests too much


There is an oft-quoted line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much.” Substitute “GOP” for “lady,” and this old chestnut instantly becomes timely.

The Republican Party, as a whole, with a select few voicing for all, is instrumental in an attempt to overhaul Civil Rights and set us back to master/slave mentality. Using thinly veiled racism as a means to obstruct President Obama and his reforms would be horrific even if weren’t so evident. Our current Congress is the least productive in modern history. Not for lack of effort by the President and Democratic senators, including our own Joe Manchin.

The arguments for obstruction are ready and plentiful. Each block is countered with legalese and a fervent “the President’s race has nothing to do with this particular decision.”

Apparently, Obama’s being America’s first African-American president has everything to do with it, or the race card would not be paraded out with every Republican parry and thrust.

The Republican Party needs to understand that many, many Americans are politically savvy and no strangers to racism, no matter how deftly it’s packaged. The ideology of the GOP, along with disingenuous systemic threats to our fundamental rights, is cloaked in bigotry.

These obstructions, unfortunately, may be good strategically for the GOP. If citizens feel their vote does not count, they will not vote. The GOP is counting on this. Registering to vote in West Virginia is still relatively simple.

You can print a form from online or pick up a form at the DMV, DHHR, Post Office or library. Fill it out. Sign it. Mail or submit it. Then go to your poll and vote. Hopefully, there will be long lines this fall.

Loren Lynn Rousseau

South Charleston

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