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Editorial: Want power to control government? Vote

A light voter turnout is expected in today’s primary election. Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick predicted a voter turnout of about 15 percent of registered voters.

In West Virginia, 1.234 million residents of the state’s 1.854 million citizens are registered to vote. If 15 percent vote statewide, that will equal about 185,000 people making decisions affecting the future of the entire state.

Many factors influence the voter turnout. Off-year elections, such as this one, typically see lower voter turnout than races with a presidential election. Primary elections, as this one is, see lower turnouts than the November general elections. Rainy weather, which is expected later in the day, dampens voter turnout.

That doesn’t make this election any less important. In fact, in an election where a low voter turnout is likely, those who do vote have tremendously more power.

Over the course of history, few people have had the opportunity to choose their government. In the United States, we do.

People who don’t vote have no power. They hand power to others. Ordinary people run the United States . .. but only if they bother to vote.

Be powerful today. Vote.

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