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Readers’ Voice: May 14, 2014

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I applaud Josh Nelson’s military service but why did he run for public office knowing his Guard training would interfere. Collecting pay for two legislative sessions he didn’t attend is criminal.

Gov. Tomblin, if your DOT is unable to fix the potholes on Woodrums Lane, would you please send the DNR to stock them? If we can’t drive out, we might as well go fish.

Does Huggins have any recruits coming that are not awaiting trials or grades? Everyone knows at least half of the new ones are not going to make it. If they have records or have been in high school or finishing schools (basketball factories) for four to six years, don’t bother with them.

All year the Gazette tells us “lobby” is a four-letter word, then they endorse one of the biggest. Which way is it? Did the Gazette get lobbied by Nick? Or do they really like people who lobby for utility companies and Big Pharm companies against the working people of West Virginia?

“Chicken hawk” describes one who desires war but never served in the military; hence the word “chicken.” All wars are started by old men who will not be involved in the fighting.

It’s really very simple why VA hospitals never have enough resources: What money we do have either goes to fund every conceivable government giveaway program or more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Just saw a list of most-polluted cities around world. The problem isn’t here at home, people. Could some of you climate-change advocates explain to me how shutting down all industry in the USA, putting everybody out of work, and weakening our country’s strength will save the planet?

Methinks that all these commercials saying that one needs to have at least $1 million to retire on is just a way for investment companies to get their hands on one’s money. Most people retiring now had the good fortune to have good jobs and company pensions. One should have their mortgage paid off by age 65, and with Social Security and their pension would probably have a decent monthly income and never have to touch their savings.

The Benghazi incident might never have happened if the GOP House hadn’t cut funding for State Department security. But then, with the success of Obamacare, what would the right-wing nuts have to complain about? I have it: They could complain about the GOP House never holding hearings on the 9/11 attacks in which over 3,000 Americans were killed. Wonder why they didn’t do that?

More paved walking trails, a bridge to nowhere at Coonskin, and expensive advertising for both the Turnpike and the governor’s self-promotional highway safety program, and all the while our roads continue to disintegrate, our bridges are falling into the creeks, and U.S. 35 remains unfinished and an embarrassment to our state.

West Virginia American Water should stop those regular four-hourly tests of treated water which return “nondetect” levels of Crude MCHM. If they actually wished to provide useful information to their customers, they would provide actual analyses of impurities in the Elk River, the Kanawha River and in their product water.

Rockefeller isn’t saying that you should agree with all of Obama’s policies. But when you sit there and declare you’re not a racist, you just don’t agree with any of Obama’s policies because he is a socialist or a Marxist or a communist or some other excuse, it is abundantly clear that you are only looking at the man and his skin color, and not the actual policy. You’re not fooling anyone.

Five years since we put the disaster of the Bush years behind us, and still his legacy of financial destruction and unending wars are with us. If the GOP had made the slightest effort to help our president the country would have been so much better off, but they were determined to make Obama a one-term president and it backfired on them; but the average American is still feeling the pain for their stupidity and partisanship.

To the person who said he could not remember a president who had dishonored the Constitution like Obama: I realize that George W. Bush wasn’t much of a president, but I can’t believe you’ve forgotten him already.

Ever notice how today’s youth are fat and rude?

Joe Manchin, please stay in the U.S. Senate. We very much need your across-the-aisle approach to government in the U.S. Congress.

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