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Readers’ voice: May 15, 2014

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I’m not surprised that China is about to over take over America economically. Shucks, with the kind of leaderships we have I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuba eventually overtakes us.

Fox News propaganda and the willingness of the ignorant public to believe anything anti-Obama is ruining our country.

Most of our elected clowns in Washington would get something done if they would quit using that word “comprehensive.” Comprehensive this and comprehensive that.

After being in Germany in the 1960s and talking to the German people about Adolf Hitler’s policy on gun control. We are now carrying that same policy in this country today and we all know what that did for Germany back then.

As a veteran I find it most offensive that someone put in there that Bush didn’t do anything that other rich kids didn’t do. Look at it this way, how could you send somebody else to a war that you wouldn’t go to. He’s a chicken hawk and a sissy boy and that is all I got to say about that.

They should make the parents pay for what the hoodlums did to the Top-o-Rock house. If they catch them they won’t do anything to them anyway.

Anytime you hear of a shooting, thank Capito for standing with the NRA to put a gun in the hands of anyone that want one. No background check.

Since when are young people that vandalize property like the Top-o-Rock house called children? When I was growing up they were called juvenile delinquents.

Too bad they are thinking about tearing Top-o-Rock down. They could take that one hundred thousand dollars away from Mark Plants and spend on that building and fix it up make it a tourist attraction. I’m sure it would bring in some money if they would do that.

The City of Charleston should worry less about gun ordinances and concentrate on panhandling ordinances in their city.

I am looking for a place in the area that has ramp dinners or lunches. Could someone let me know.

I wish whoever took the big wooden remnant off the grave at Valley View Cemetery in Hurricane would return it. It does not belong to you, we put it on a grave for Easter.

Call your legislatures and beg them to change real estate tax laws to help the fixed income senior citizens. We have no money to pay for decent food and medicine. We can’t pay more property tax we are losing our homes. And say no to more school levies.

Avoid abortion. Prevent pregnancy. See your doctor, get birth control pills take, a pill a day. You don’t get pregnant you don’t have to have an abortion, how easy can it get.

If the obituary asks for a donation to be made in lieu of flowers. For example to the animal shelter, give us an address please.

Come to Fayette County and embezzle a lot of money and you will only get probation. What a country, what a country, what a county.

All the hoorays and hurrahs that I can yell today is for the Gazette Editorial against policing the world. Thank you Gazette, this has been my thought for many, many years.

Who does Danny Jones think he is, he’s telling the media he thinks the prosecutor can not be on the case because of who likes whom. He is really on a power trip and he sounds like a great school bully. His views lately have really become an embarrassment to the citizens of Charleston. He needs to go.

Someone called to declare Obamacare a success. You better wait until you see how much it pays your hospital, lab and your doctor. The answer is — not much.

Instead of legalizing marijuana and same sex marriage, they ought to be legalizing Jesus and they ought to be legalizing prayer.

I would like to thank the West Virginia State Police and the Kanawha County Deputy Sheriffs for their presence in the town of Marmet. But we need much more help. All we have up here is a bunch of guys with a badge, one bullet and a girlfriend named Thelma Lou.

I just had to laugh at the reader who declared Obamacare a success. What a joke.

To the parent with the son who has learning disabilities, you probably are the best person to help your son. Sit down with him for 10 minutes in the evening or quiet time and go over his letters with him. Be kind, be patient praise him for trying. You are the best person to help your little boy. Do it now, don’t put it off.

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