Readers’ Voice: May 16, 2014

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Did I just have a Ned Chilton sighting? The headline reads “Climate change in WV: Don’t expect confirmation from politicians.” Excellent observation, David Gutman. You and Ken Ward have restored some of Chilton’s sustained outrage to the Gazette’s pages.

My prediction is that Dr. Mitchell Rashid will have the iconic Top-O-Rock home demolished, then use the property to construct another boring, generic McMansion.

Sounds to me like Delegate Joshua Nelson pulled a dirty trick in Boone County. I hope they remember that in the fall election and set that guy free to pursue training. I know I never collected a paycheck without working for it. The Gazette needs to check and find out if he really donated that money. I bet the coal companies that bought his way into the House of Delegates are paying him too.

Is there anyone running for office that has an original idea? Seems like all I have heard is ‘I will stand up against Obama.’

Cliven Bundy and his followers, along with other right-wing “militias,” are just the American version of the Taliban.

Let’s not be too hard on Harbert and Roberts. Maybe they’re right about the “war on coal.” And maybe the people who work at the EPA ride unicorns to work and slay dragons with lightsabers. In light of the release of last week’s report on climate change, however, the rational bet would be on coal-fired plants as the primary culprits.

To the Voice person who dismissed all the majority of voters who elected Barack Obama twice, I congratulate you for observing that those voters waited to hear a thought, an idea, an approach and visionary concept more than once before deciding. As a recovering Republican, I have watched the GOP deteriorate from its days of Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower, Nixon, even Reagan to a party whose supporters like you don’t even know what the meaning of its ideological extremes stand for, who only blindly embrace the demands of the 1 percent.

Only the GOP would cut funding for security at U.S. embassies, and then blame, President Obama and Hillary for inadequate security.

All these Republicans wanting to fight the president and anyone else that stands in the way of letting pollution rule. Same script for all. I hope West Virginians realize we need clean air and water to live. The rich must have plans to live in controlled-climate domes to survive, while the rest of us die. As far as I know you cannot eat, drink or breathe money.

Anti-gun fanatics can do no wrong, because they are armed with the most powerful weapon in the entire universe — self righteousness.

You state that an athletic scholarship is peanuts compared to what a coach is paid. Then you suggest giving each football player $4,000. That is peanuts compared to what a football player is given. Full scholarship, special dorms, special meals, special transportation, etc. My kids, neither an “athlete,” paid dearly to attend school. If an athlete is not willing to play for a full scholarship, give it to someone else, perhaps a student.

Our Bill of Rights is an endangered species. Free speech, free press, right to bear arms, protection from self incrimination are all under attack from dedicated fearmongers.

The Potpourri editorial comment of May 12 on Ukraine caught my attention. If every territory in Europe that was ethnically distinct began voting to separate, where would that end? Are we returning to Hitler and the annexations of that period? And what if President Lincoln had just said to the southern secessionists to leave?

The reader who thinks that saving for retirement is an investment-company con is incorrect. Employers started moving away from traditional pensions to self-funded retirement plans (e.g., 401k and IRAs) in the early 1980s. I’m 62 years old and evaluating my own retirement. I’ll have Social Security plus a pension from a company where I had 10 years of service. This “good pension” will pay me $340 per month beginning at age 65, with no cost-of-living adjustment.

People involved in the scandals are admitting they happened but the “intelligent” readers of the Gazette still swear it’s all a GOP plot. And the new one. I can explain several problems with the president so I’m still a racist for seeing those problems as problems.

The same people who kept Byrd, Rockefeller and Rahall in office for decades are now calling Capito a “career” politician.

I hope this election will get the BOE off their duffs and start managing our school system with a passion. Absolutely no oversight of maintenance is very prevalent. Proper taxing of businesses is a major cause.

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