Editorial: 9/11 museum delivers powerful message

“Powerful” is the word most used to describe the underground Sept. 11 Memorial Museum that was launched Thursday in Manhattan, deep below the site of America’s historic terror attack.

Relics and videos of that tragic day are so emotional that special exits are provided for viewers — especially still-grieving relatives — who cannot bear to revisit the carnage that killed 3,000 Americans.

We hope the new museum serves as a warning that half-crazed suicide fanatics are the worst menace in the 21st century.

In a way, the horrific Independent called this new phase “the most widespread campaign of self-liquidation in human history. The Washington Post estimated that suicide attacks had killed more than 21,000 people. Today, the toll is far higher.

Civilization has changed. Old-style wars have vanished. Today’s worst threat comes from fanatics. The new Sept. 11 museum spotlights that fact.

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