The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between May 9 and 15:

Jason Paul Nogoda, 43, and Allison Elaine McGinnis, 37, both of Charleston.

Jeffery Clay Williamson, 36, and Julie Beth Williamson, 36, both of St. Albans.

Blake Christian Cunningham, 23, of Charleston and Hannah Michelle Legg, 24, of St. Albans.

Arie Franklin Gibson, 43, and Heather Renee Wolfe, 33, both of Sissonville.

Daniel John Ellison Ferrell, 20, and Tera Lynn Cooper, 20, both of Cross Lanes.

William Davis Manis, 60, and Pamela Ann Davis, 58, both of Charleston.

Charles Lee Stephenson, 43, and Lisa Marie Burford, 37, both of Belle.

Andrew William Lester, 26, and Samantha Elizabeth Bennett, 26, both of Charleston.

Jawad Zafar, 26, and Zara Bilquis Sheikh, 27, both of Charleston.

David Robin Knight Jr., 38, and Julie Ann Spinks, 44, both of Charleston.

Bernard Matthew Maynard, 38, and Krista Rene Brown, 33, both of Charleston.

Ronald Chase Preece, 29, and Carly Rae Marcum, 26, both of Cross Lanes.

Jeffery Ford Kessler, 32, and Shannon Nicole Pennington, 25, both of Charleston.

Lucas Allan O’Keefe, 21, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Jessica Erin Cross, 20, of St. Albans.

Jeffrey Nathaniel Snow, 26, and Carmen Rosario Hernandez, 27, both of Cross Lanes.

Christopher Allen Jarrett, 24, of Cabin Creek and Heather Leann Roberts, 22, of St. Albans.

The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between May 1 and 14:

Tyler Ray Wilson, 25, and Shannon Olivia Cahill, 23, both of Scott Depot

Jason Scott Jordan, 35, and Erica Rene Morrison, 31, both of Winfield

Stephen Beattie Debord, 48, and Lisa Michelle Jeffries, 45, both of Winfield

Christopher D. Evans Sayre, 21, of Charleston, and Wendy Lynn Witt, 28, of Buffalo

Ernest Lee Stevens III, 24, and Karen Leann Newsome, 23, both of Hurricane

Denzil R. Grant III, 21, and Morgan L. Peyton, 18, both of Hurricane

Erdulfo Silan Romero, 81, of Hurricane, and Ronda Phyllis Crank, 74, of Charleston

Michael David Blower, 38, and Shelley Renee Marsteller, 37, both of Hurricane

Mark Alan Shabdue, 55, and Laura Lee Lilly, 47, both of Hurricane

Jason Todd Mitchell, 38, and Amber Elizabeth Haney, 33, both of Hurricane

Daniel Lane Shutters, 19, of Chatham, Virginia, and Brittany Sierra Bentley, 22, of Hurricane

Michael Allen Lewis, 42, and Kelli Frampton Lewis, 42, both of Fraziers Bottom

Larry David Parsons Jr., 32, and Ashley Dawn Caldwell, 33, both of Hurricane

Robert Myles Austin, 30, and Ann Elizabeth Hagerman, 33, both of Hurricane

Randy Allen Bird, 31, and Sarah Elizabeth Davis, 26, both of Hurricane


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between May 8 and 15:

Lewis A. Halstead from Amy L. Halstead

Alicia L. Waters from Tony E. Waters

Clark Parker from Kerry Stitzinger

Allison Sovine from Jody Sovine

Angie Gonzalez from Juan Gonzalez

Michael A. Dodd from Leah Dodd

Tommy T. Nguyen from Khaly Le

James Alan Lucas from Melissa Grey

Anne Teichman from Peter Teichman

Skyles Cottrell from Eric Fuke

Richard E. Kinder Jr. from Treena L. Kinder

Joshua David McMillion from Bobbie Jean McMillion

Susan Grace Azevedo from Albert Julius Azevedo

Sean E. Ford from Michelle E. Ford

Renee L. Brown from Debra L. Brown

Patti Jo Harrison from Dwight David Harrison

The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between May 1 and May 14:

Travis W.R. Willard from Brittany D. Willard

Katrina Bennett from Brandon Bennett

Marvin Douglas Ross from Kimberly Irene Ross

Edward R. Harris II from Robin D. Harris

Christopher L. Legg from Kristi D. Legg

Morgan Williams from Max Williams

Laura D. Paul from Junior C. Paul

Melanie C. Thomas from Richard B. Thomas

Amanda D. May from Michael P. May

Tammy K. Burns from Edwin M. Burns

Robert A. Griffith Jr. from Melissa D. Griffith

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between May 8 and 15:

John M. Harbert Sr., John M. Harbert Jr. and Marilyn Y. Byrnside to David L. and Margie J. Parsons. Lot, Union District, $165,000.

Russell J. and Sheila T. Miller to Ryan C. Menders and Maren E. McNaughton. Lot, Loudon Tax District, $310,000.

Richard E. Hazelwood to Joshua D. and Katharine N. Willetts. Lot, Union District, $137,000.

Sanjoy K. Nath to Belle LLC. Lot, Charleston, $50,396.67.

Craig E. and Angela C. Boyd to Zachary M. Shirkey. Lot, Loudon District, $199,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Glenn R. Tinsley. Lot, Nitro, $115,000.

Sandra K. Smith and Diane L. Harkins to Winifred L. Alford. Lot, Union District, $118,500.

Andrew D. Dimitro to CCJ Properties LLC. Lot, Union District, $106,000.

Brett Hamilton to Christina Peraino. Lot, Charleston, $140,000.

Philip A. Primozic to Colby Elizabeth Jones. Lot, Charleston, $156,500.

GBP Properties LLC to M&M Property Management LLC. Lot, Spring Hill District, $168,000.

Mary B. Williams to Jeremy R. and Kimberly D. Hayes. Lots, Elk District, $77,500.

Kathy Rhoadsto Teresa Searls Moore LLC. Lot, Union District, $60,000.

Travis S. Warner to Melinda D. Wickline. Lot, Union District, $105,500.

Amy C. and Anthony McQuade to Brittany A. Harris. Charleston, $120,000.

Sherry Fraser to Nathan A. Burton and Greg A. Burton. Lot, South Charleston, $287,500.

Patricia Sue Romagnoli, Linda Joyce Smith and John Duane Wines to Andrew G. Sovick and Liana M. Bailey. Lot, Dunbar, $89,500.

Thomas Dustin Boggs to Jeremy D. Pauley. Lot, Union District, $87,000.

Anthony E. and Misti Dawn Burford Saynapa to Janet F. Latta. Parcels, Charleston, $127,500.

Conrad and Loretta Midkiff to Alan and Judy Waldrop. Lots, Jefferson District, $82,000.

AK Development LLC to Lisa C. Menninger. Lot, Elkview, $155,000.

William B. II and Andrea Marano King to Benjamin R. Maddox. Lot, Charleston, $332,500.

Gene Austin Estep to Mary E. Jordan. Lot, St. Albans, $85,000.

Charles A. Jr. and Cynthia L. Bowman to Brian Chris and Jessica Dawn Nichols. Lot, St. Albans, $122,500.

Glen S. and Janet S. Warner to Cedric A. and Raquel D. Greene. Lot, Dunbar, $160,000.

Sheri Warner to Wesley E. and Kelli J. Smith. Lot, St. Albans, $65,000.

S.E. Cemeteries of West Virginia Inc. to Graceland Memorial Association. Tracts, Washington District, $263,500.

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between May 1 and 14:

Matthew T. Curry to Lisa Wiseman. Lot, Scott District, $146,000.

Cobblestone Subdivision LLC to Evan A. and Autumn N. Smith. Lot, Scott District, $88,400.

Joy and Mark P. Madore to Livia Roche and John Scott Paul. Tract, Teays Valley District, $400,000.

Christie Lea Reese-Foy to Bradford Cochran and Brittany Richardson. Lot, Winfield Town District, $139,000.

Ashok and Jaya Motwani to Joseph John and Andrea Michelle Lannom. Lot, Scott District, $139,900.

Densil Quentrill to Judith K. Ball. Acres, Scott District, $575,000.

Jodi L. and Eric W. Pauley to Lauren Nicole and Gary Lee Thacker Jr. Lot, Teays Valley District, $289,900.

Clayton M. and Janet G. Chapman to Derek A. and Anna M. Milam. Lot, Scott District, $237,500.

Craig A. and Barbara L. Harris to Ken and Lisa Wyatt. Lot, Scott District, $125,000.

Thomasinos Auto Wash LLC to Speedway LLC. Acres, Scott District, $270,000.

Nancy L. Toler to Dreama Fisher. .25 acres, Poca Town District, $80,000.

Nautical Pointe LLC to Ryan M. and Martha L. Ruth. Lot, Scott District, $122,000.

Larry R. and Margie Lee Rollins to Gary M. and Donna L. Barton. Lot, Scott District, $235,000.

August E. Zinkl and Meagan H. Harshbarger to Andrea L. Cremeans-Spencer. Lot, Curry District, $100,000.

Dennis Huff to Wells Fargo Bank. Lot, Scott District, $80,229.

Howard Joe Kimble to Steven R. and Virginia F. May. Lots, Scott District, $143,000.

Robert T. Meeks & Melissa D. Meeks LLC to Randall A. White. Parcel, Scott District, $110,000.

Exclusive Home Designs LTD to Matthew L. and Christina M. Chill. Lots, Teays Valley, $100,500.

Ava C. Anders to Ryan Hopkins. Acres, Union District, $139,900.

Hobba Enterprises LLC to Melissa F. Harper. Lot, Teays Valley District, $249,000.

Beryl Hearnshaw to Emily D. and Kenneth R. Cooper II. Parcel, Hurricane District, $135,000.

Putnam County Bank to Philip C. and Rebecca L. Smith. Acres, Scott District, $275,000.

Alexander J. Ross and Rebecca and Douglas C. Spaulding II to Angela J. and William Thomas Hickman. Lot, Poca District, $148,000.

James N. and Susan L. Brewer to Judith K. Ball. Lot, Hurricane District, $154,900.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between May 9 and 15:

Terry Alan and Melinda Mae Nichols, Hugheston, Chapter 7. Assets: $151,434.65, Liabilities: $288,444.

Philip Jason and Rebecca Renee Tolley, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $15,395, Liabilities: $65,947.

Everett Junior Marcum, Lenore, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,500, Liabilities: $90,857.

Terri Lynn Angel, Cedar Grove, Chapter 7. Assets: $17,363, Liabilities: $39,424.

Roland and Paula Sue Morgan, Verner, Chapter 7. Assets: $38,920, Liabilities: $106,335.

Jon Clark and Stacey Ann Keeney, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $535,620, Liabilities: $371,337.

Christopher Scott and Anna Lynn Maynor, Chesapeake, Chapter 7. Assets: $193,908, Liabilities: $182,358.

Andrea Maureen Cook, Pineville, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,281, Liabilities: $402,710.

Brian Scott Hawkins, Mullens, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,129, Liabilities: $97,268.

Angela Marie Daniels, Jesse, Chapter 7. Assets: $208,259, Liabilities: $104,274.

Ricky Dumont and Jacqueline Rae Clark, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: $109,250, Liabilities: $130,833.

Nancy Karen Hurt,White Oak, Chapter 7. Assets: $229,625, Liabilities: $128,574.

Florence Addaway Booher, Coal City, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,700, Liabilities: $46,269.

Ricky Jean Johnston, Coal City, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,500, Liabilities: $63,695.

Felipe Tomas Sebastian, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Stuart Allen Price, Madison, Chapter 13. Assets: $77,300, Liabilities: $124,182.

Danny Carl and Jackie Nona Scaggs, Chapmanville, Chapter 13. Assets: $153,225, Liabilities: $142,175.

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