Infant found dead in Kanawha City

Charleston police detectives investigate a car in Kanawha City where a baby was found dead Wednesday afternoon.

Police are investigating the death of a weeks-old baby found in Kanawha City late Wednesday afternoon.

Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives of the Charleston Police Department, said the baby was found in the back seat of a vehicle at 3815 Venable Ave. S.E. in Kanawha City.

The baby’s father was found at the scene with his throat cut, Cooper said. He said the man is in the hospital with a self-inflicted wound, and is the only suspect in the case.

Police also were investigating a suspected crime scene in Putnam County as part of the incident, Cooper said.

A trooper with the Winfield detachment of the West Virginia State Police said at about 6 p.m. that police had a Putnam residence secured “just in case there’s evidence to be preserved,” but would not say if the baby died at the house.

Detectives are interviewing the baby’s mother and are talking to neighbors. Cooper said he believes the father lived with the baby in the house on Kanawha City’s Venable Avenue. He said he did not know when the suspected slaying occurred.

Police were obtaining search warrants to search the Venable Avenue house and the residence in Putnam County. Police cordoned off several blocks of 38th Street and 39th Street near the Kanawha City house.

Charleston police are working with the State Police and prosecutors in Kanawha and Putnam counties, Cooper said. He said he didn’t expect more details to be released until today.

Staff writer Mackenzie Mays contributed to this report. Reach Travis Crum at or 304-348-5163.

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