Anonymous donation boosts camp fund

A last-minute donation has helped the Gazette Charities Send-a-Child-to-Camp Fund raise more than $42,300, surpassing last year’s total.

The single, anonymous donation received this week for $5,475 is in memory of Julian H. Phillips.

The many donations to the fund this year will help hundreds of children in our area to attend summer camp.

The donations have come from a diverse pool of donors — from established givers to the children of Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church, whose mission can ended up with $91 to help their fellow boys and girls.

One recent anonymous giver summed things up this way: “Thank you for the great work you do. I know from experience that a great camping experience can turn a life around.”

Here’s a list of this week’s donors:

Ward and Pat Maxson, $100

Mary L. Mullens, $20

Anonymous, in honor of all those who exposed the VA scandal, $5

Anonymous, in memory of all of James Haught’s predecessors as editors of the Gazette, $5

Iva McCracken, $50

Anonymous, in honor of Mark F. Trowbridge — a fine person, $100

Geoffrey Korwan, in honor of Anna Dailey, $50

Frances Simone, in memory of Terry Blackwood, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Joel, $100

Dina Luby, in memory of Bernard Luby, $25

Kay Fannin, in memory of G.O. Fannin, $50

Albert Dress, in memory of Joe Anthony Dress, Sr., $50

Holly Cloonan, $50

Frances Smith, in memory of Jerry Smith, $20

Mad Max and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Paula Bland and Betty Volkers, $25

Anonymous, in Honor of Julian H. Phillips, $5,475

Ms. Kathryn A. Stone, in memory of Kay Michael Reader, $50

Kathryn Fowler, in honor of children, $100

Annette Ferrell, in honor of my grandchildren, for 4-H camp, $100

Anonymous (combined), $955

Weekly total: $7,355

Grand total: $42,306.53

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