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Is Heaven real for you?

By By Jon Browning, D.D.

We’ve been there. Its not a place we want to be, but we are there, the funeral home. Smell of fresh flowers, stories shared, a casket containing a loved one who doesn’t really look like they did in life. These are images we want to forget. However, it is at these times we wonder about the hereafter. Do all people go to Heaven when they die? What’s it like? Am I going? Is it a fairytale or real? Questions like these are asked the world over every day.

It is said that Heaven is the one place we all want to go, but no one wants to go right now. Everyone though thinks of what lies beyond death’s door. People conjure up images of fields of flowers, a place of bliss and tranquility, even a place of their favorite recreation. Since I have never been there, I cannot say for sure something is there or is not there, except I know sin and all its ramifications are not. The important question for us mortal dwellers is, “Does this place exist and how can I get there?”

Perhaps you think that Heaven is a state of mind, or manufactured for the weak-minded. Perhaps you think that Hell is preferable. I have met many of different ideas on the subject in my years of ministry. I can assure you from the Word of God, that both Heaven and Hell are for real. But are they real for you? You see, you can go through life not believing. That doesn’t change any reality, but it can blind you to the Truth.

Heaven is Real. You can go there. You will be happy. Jesus Christ wanted you there. He sent His only Son to pay for the one thing that keeps us out of Heaven, our sin. No one goes to Heaven by default. We must repent and believe in Christ as our Savior. When we do, Heaven, always real, becomes open to us. It becomes our place of destination. When we stare at the casket, that person who lays there, who trusted Christ in their lifetime, we don’t have to wonder what happened to them once breath was gone. Jesus plainly told His disciples in John 14 that He was preparing a place for them and they were welcome to be with Him there. St. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:6 confidently that when I am absent from this body of mine, I know I shall be present with the Lord. We don’t “lose” a fellow Christian, we know exactly where they are. What comfort this brings the grieving family! You could leave no greater legacy or inheritance behind than the peace of mind to your family by your public testimony of Christ in your life.

Heaven is a place of no more pain, sin, death, hurt, cancer, loss and every evil thing we think of. Jesus is there. In His presence, no evil stands. Heaven is as real as earth, but it’s far better. We know from scripture there are angels singing, wondrous sights, buildings, streets, trees, water. In fact I personally believe everything good we see in the earth has its origins in Heaven. My family awaits me there. The Bible authors and the saints from a thousand generations wait on me, too. This can be for you, too! Regardless of who you are or your past, Heaven is real for you, too!

Heaven will be for real to you in the future, but it first must be real to you in the present. Believe that Jesus Christ is real and that He died for you. He is the only way (John 14:6). Place your faith in Him for the forgiveness of your sin. We all have sin, He takes it away. Don’t be obstinate. Don’t throw your future away. Ask Him by faith to forgive your sins and come into your heart. When you receive Him into your heart, Heaven will come live within you, because Jesus, who is the very reason and purpose of Heaven, will come to live in you. He will guide you, give you peace and joy. Life will be hard at times, but you no longer have to worry about your future, and that will take care of the worry of your present. Heaven is for real! Will it to be real for you? Don’t miss God’s best! Heaven is waiting on your decision.

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