Many donors helped make camp fund a success

The Gazette Charities Send-a-Child-to-Camp Fund wishes to thank all of the generous donors who made this year’s fund a success.

Because of you, hundreds of children who might not otherwise have had the chance, will attend camp this summer.

Here is the complete list of those who gave during this year’s fund drive:

SC Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, in honor of Mr. Richard Neely, Esq., $1,000

Leslie Johnson, $100

Truist, $78.95

Leon and Elsie Townsend, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, St. Albans, $75

The Lowe Family, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $50

Cindy and Robert Kriner, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $50

Charlean and Sam Owens, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $50

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tolbert, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $25

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stricker, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $30

Mary E. “Beth Traetow, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $25

Robert J. Anderson, in memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Dillon, $100

Eddie and Catherine Hilbert, in Loving Memory of Robert O. Dillon, $35

Marilyn Brazelton, in loving memory of Robert O. Dillon, $25

Steve and Sheree Downey, in memory of Robert Dillon, $100

Joe and Connie Wood, in memory of Bob Dillon, $25

(Jim, Bard and Alli) James and Ella Thaxton, in loving memory of Robert O. Dillon, $100

William J. and Karen G. Clifton, in memory of Robert O. Dillon, $50

Karen and Jeff Townsend, in loving memory of Robert O. Dillon, $200

Lynn and George Phelps, in memory of Robert O. Dillon, $100

Moses Ford/BMW/Fiat, in memory of Robert O. Dillon, $205

Lorena Ammar, in memory of Mary E. Ammar, $100

Roy and Peggy Harless, $25

Joel Metz, $20

Ms. Doris J. Fix, in memory of Harold R. Fix, $100

Mary Oxley, in memory of Bill Oxley, $200

Kim D. Ellis, $50

Juanita Ong, $30

Lethia B. Bumgarner, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Helen, $100

Jerome L. Curry, in memory of Laura, John, Richard Curry, Kathleen Wise & Mary Perez, $500

Anonymous, in memory of Virginia B. Myers, $100

Connie B. Stewart, $100

Mad Max and Anita Maxwell, in memory of Boone, Bob and Jim Maxwell, $25

Larry Schneider and Helen Chilton, $100

BNAI Jacob Synagogue, Rob’s Fund, Ladies Auxiliary, $100

Barb Gessner, in honor of Bill, $30

Anonymous, in memory of John G. Morgan, late Gazette statehouse correspondent and Richard

Andre, Charleston historian, $15

Marianne Lane, in Memory of Jim Lane, $100

Kemp Littlepage McElwee, in memory of Collett Smith, $100

Richard and Barbara Nolan, in memory of Martha Bowles, $100

P.J. and Patsy Midkiff, in memory of Danny Stewart, $50

Kathy Hastings, $25

Rich and Wilma Naseef, in honor of William and Charlie, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Sharon Estep of Bloomingrose, $20

James Haught, $200

Robert and Carolyn Ellis, $50

Steve and Amy Golden, $200

Craig and Sue Selby, $250

Dorothy Caldwell, in memory of Oliver Bays, $50

Jesse and Lavania Hoffman, in memory and in honor of our son, PFC Charles David Hoffman, who was killed in Vietnam on Nov. 4, 1970, $100

Jan Barton, in memory of Mary Lib Groff, $100

Catherine Marshall, in memory of Rosemary Marshall, $25

Anna Martin, $20

Raymond Goedeke/Mount Olive Correctional Complex Q-1-501, $20

Martha Sandy, $50

Linda T. Troutman, $50

Mary E. Dickens, in memory of George Duff, $50

Dr. Jack Fellure, $100

Florian Ceperley, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Ruth and Bob Johnson, $50

Phil Lawrence, $100

Elizabeth Chilton, in memory of E.B.S., $500

Kay Poole, in honor of the campers, $100

Larry and Becky Ford, $75

Anonymous, in memory of Nell Brooks, $25

Mrs. R.M. Rosencrance, in memory of Bob O. Dillon, $50

Rocky and Connie Calabrese, in memory of former Carbide Camp directors Coach Joe Cielensky and Coach Carlton Gandee, $50

Gary and Peggy Fox, in memory of Belva England, $50

Joann Dawson, $50

Luther Daniel, in memory of Eloise E. Daniel, $100

Doug and Bonnie Fisher, $100

Larry Levak, $100

Ellie and Mark Schaul, $100

Jewell Crews, $25

Karen and Kenny Eggleton, in honor of all children, $25

Diane and Paul Wallace, $200

Anne Ten Eyck Carroll, $100

Daniel W. Taylor, in memory of Ed and Mary P. Taylor, $100,

Anonymous, in honor of our grandchildren, $50

Kay Crowder, in memory of NASH, $25

Donald L. Watts Sr. and Sue A. Watts, in memory of family, $100

Sharon Smith, in memory of Carmalee Harper Smith, $50

Mary E. Stanley, in honor of Abigail and Lydia, $200

Ms. Caroline Pierson, in honor of Rebecca Pierson and Elizabeth Pierson, $50

Sue and Ed Baldwin, in memory of Megan Baldwin, $40

Susan Williams, in memory of Donald Woods, $50

John and Barbara Chandler, in honor of our grandchildren, $25

Mad Max and Anita Maxwell, in memory of Noell, Pearl, Bob and Becky Bland, $25

Sarah Adams, in memory of Frank, $50

Anonymous, in honor of our four grandchildren and one great-grandchild, $100

Jeanette M. Alexander, in memory of John H. Alexander, $50

Allen Carter Giltinan, in memory of Zon, $100

Suzanne Trowbridge, in honor of Walter and Jerry Jett, $100

Rob Byers and Tara Tuckwiller, $100

Barton and Julia Weese, in honor of Jesus, $50

Sis Frostick, $100

Anonymous, in memory of MCC, $100

Ms. June L. Robinson, in memory of Mrs. Willie Robinson, $30

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Henson, in memory of Andy and Scott Henson, $100

Anonymous, in memory of John, Quinnie, Polly and Ed, $100

Ace Holcomb, in memory of Vicky Lynn Holcomb, $25

Ed and Connie Hillenbrand, in memory of Dr. Jim Lane, $30

Anonymous, in memory of Sarah Dilley, $50

Ann Moody Calwell, $100

Anonymous, to create new memories at camp!, $2,500

Anonymous, in memory of Miss Betty Cook ($50) and Miss Winifred Newman ($50), $100

Anonymous, in memory John C. Steven, $150

Marion H. Baer, in memory of Frank Baer II, $100

Alan and Carol Kuhlman, $50

Sue Haley, in memory of Kathleen Green, $25

Eloise Boggs, $100

Mike Chamberlain, $400

Randy and Chris Curtis, $100

Charlotte McMillan, $25

James Clark, $50

Betty Caplan, in memory of Fred and Mimi Caplan, $50

Patricia S. Nelson, $100

Agatha Rubin, $100

William R. Brown, in honor of the medical personnel whose work has helped to preserve my eyesight, $15

Jack and Janet Durbin, in memory of Ruby Durbin, $25

Dolores M. Smith, $30

Daisy Bennett, $25

Michelle Negro, in honor of Josephine Smith, $20

James Wilmoth, $50

Kenneth Connelly, in honor of Georgette Connelly, $80

Paul Warder, $25

Mrs. Sandy Williams, in honor of my grandchildren, $100

Paul and Myrna Parsons, in memory of Roger Carte Sr., $50

Janet Nunley, $200

Eric and Kathryn Wood, $120

Sowers and Company, A.C., $500

Doris and Jim Smith, $150

Betty and Earl Patrick, $50

Joanna Osborne, $50

Betty Lashley, in memory of Phillip Wolford, $50

Steve Ledahawsky, $100

Susan Glenn, in memory of Ethan Glenn, $30

James Dotson, in memory of Kermit and Georgia Dotson, $45

George and Nancy Guthrie, in honor of Otis L. Laury, $250

Jack and Patty Adkins, in honor of our children and grandchildren who enjoyed camping! $25

Sally and Charlie Love, in honor of our children, $200

Myrt O’Dell, in memory of John, $50

Charlotte McMillan, in memory of Big Harve and Uncle Ned, $25

Elliott William Harvit and Pamela Meadows Harvit, $1,000

Julia Blackwood, in memory of Uncle Bob Grady, $50

Carol P. Folden, in memory of my loving husband, Coach Jay Folden, $100

Mrs. Fred Casteel, in memory and honor of Rusty, Cathie and Jason Webb - Camp LightFoot, $25

Susan and Trip Shumate, in memory of Elizabeth Shumate, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Carol Maxwell Gravely, $30

Anonymous, in memory of Elizabeth Dickinson, $10

Anonymous, in memory of Bruce Bartlett, Will Cooke, Matt Poffenbarger, Collett Smith, $100

Anonymous, in honor of Taylor, Abby, and Hudson, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Hobby, $500

Anonymous, in memory of my brothers, $50

Anonymous, in memory of GMC, $100

Anonymous, in memory of David, $25

Anonymous, in memory of my husband, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Bud Patterson, $50

Patrick J. Miller, in memory of Tara, $25

Children of Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church, from their mission can, $91

Lucile C. Dudley, in honor of my brother Rolf Castleman, $100

Bobby Lipscomb, $25

Gary and Anna Belle Gillespie, $100

Truist, $31.58

Eleanor Scott Rose, in memory of Susan Foulk, $50

Anonymous, in memory of “Bud Francis, $50

Our Gang Hair Care, $100

Nelson N. Spencer, in memory of Marie Spencer, $100

Anonymous, in honor of Mary Jean Davis, $50

Ann J. Brotherton, in memory of W.T. Brotherton Jr., $100

Anonymous, in memory of Angus E. Peyton, $500

W.Va. Landlords Association, Charleston chapter, $200

Allen and Pennie Price, $50

Eleanor L. Byrnes, $50

John and Rose Hill, $80

Mike and Cindy Steorts, $100

Ruth Peyton, in memory of Kathe Peyton, $100

Hattie Dillon Circle - SPC, $100

Carrie Ameli, $20

Anonymous, in honor of Karin Fuller and Alyce Faye Bragg, $10

Anonymous, in honor of Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, for his firm, resolute and decisive action in dealing with Donald Sterling, $10

Anonymous, in honor of Rush and Ruby Butcher and Ida Mae Hypes, $100

Nancy Byard, in memory of Gypsy Crites, $100

Jane Ann Reed, in memory of my sister, Brenda Reid, $30

Barbara Beury McCallum, in memory of Lawton H. Beury, $100

Larry Harris, in memory of Pamela Mae (Davis) Harris, $100

Morgan Fitzgerald, $50

Mary Anne Michael, $100

Opal Quesenberry, $100

Joe and Faye Guilfoile, $150

Rosemary Parkins, in memory of Jean White, $25

Jean W. Dransfield, in memory and in honor of all Dransfield Family 4-H Stars, $200

Anonymous, in honor of our parents, $40

John and Susan Poffenbarger, in memory of Matt Poffenbarger, $100

Melinda and Sam Sutton, $50

Anonymous, in honor of Ross Beller, $25

Barbara Lantz, in memory of my sister-in-law, Irene Ross, $100

Maysel F. Rawson, $10

Anonymous, in honor of the Gazette writers and editors for their coverage of and commentary on the water crisis, $15

Vonnie Clay, in memory of those who gave so I could go to camp when I was a little girl, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Aubrey Orcutt, $50

Elizabeth Sampson, in memory of Rance and Etta Brannon of Ivydale, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Dickinson Gould Jr., $150

Mrs. John Gaines, in memory of Barbie, $100

Esther Ellis, $50

Carolyn Randolph, in memory of Larry Randolph, $100

John and Nancy Brallier, $100

Anonymous, in memory of my parents and in honor of my children, $20

Anonymous, in memory of Bill Herscher, $30

Ann Govea, $20

Anonymous, in memory of my childhood camp great experiences, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Margaret and Marguerite, $25

Anonymous, in honor of my grandkids, $100

Frances G. Hutton, $100

Jeannie Plumley, $25

Anonymous, in memory of my son, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Judy Bostian, $50

Peggy Jane Barker, in memory of Angela Barker, $50

Anonymous, in memory of T.O. Graves Jr., $25

Naresh and Indira Shah, $20

Camille and Jay Arceneaux, in honor of Michelle Proops, $200

Matthew R. Cimino, in memory of Friends of Bill Smith, $50

From their children, in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. King, $150

Anonymous, in memory and in honor of Jimmy Givens and James Givens, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Donna Basham and in honor of Jesus Christ, $20

Norman Jordan, in memory of Rose Rogers, $25

Catherine Cornell, in memory of John Cornell, $50

Betty J. Booker, in memory of Emmett E. Booker, $50

Leslie N. Johnson, $200

Ward and Pat Maxson, $100

Mary L. Mullens, $20

Anonymous, in honor of all those who exposed the VA scandal, $5

Anonymous, in memory of all of James Haught’s predecessors as editors of the Gazette, $5

Iva McCracken, $50

Anonymous, in honor of Mark F. Trowbridge - a fine person, $100

Geoffrey Korwan, in honor of Anna Dailey, $50

Frances Simone, in memory of Terry Blackwood, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Joel, $100

Dina Luby, in memory of Bernard Luby, $25

Kay Fannin, in memory of G.O. Fannin, $50

Albert Dress, in memory of Joe Anthony Dress, Sr., $50

Holly Cloonan, $50

Frances Smith, in memory of Jerry Smith, $20

Mad Max and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Paula Bland and Betty Volkers, $25

Anonymous, in Honor of Julian H. Phillips, $5,475

Ms. Kathryn A. Stone, in memory of Kay Michael Reader, $50

Kathryn Fowler, in honor of children, $100

Annette Ferrell, in honor of my grandchildren, for 4-H camp, $100

Anonymous (combined donations), $7,025

Grand total, $42,306.53

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