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Child custody dispute leads to arrest

By Staff reports

After investigating a series of events on Blue Creek Road near Elkview, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested one man Tuesday for alleged wanton endangerment.

Deputies first responded to a child custody dispute and informed family members a court order had to be amended to award custody of the child. Deputies returned to the residence after the mother was awarded custody, and also served Brandon Tyler Weese, 28, of Blue Creek with a domestic violence protective order.

Weese’s father, who obtained the protective order, also sought a mental hygiene petition after his son threatened to commit “suicide by cop,” according to police.

Weese was allowed to retrieve some items from the home before leaving. According to a Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputy’s release, Weese owned several firearms that he was not permitted to take when he left the home on foot.

Shortly after Cpl. L.A. Grace left after checking the residence to make sure Weese was complying with the protective order, Metro 911 received a call from Weese’s mother saying he had returned to the home, violating the protective order.

Cpl. Grace then returned to the house to find Weese armed with an AR-15 rifle slung across his shoulder and a .40 caliber pistol holstered and strapped to his leg. Weese had also changed clothes into military camouflage fatigues.

After a short foot chase and struggle in the home, Cpl. Grace used his Taser on Weese after Weese pointed his rifle at Cpl. Grace. The rifle was loaded with two 30-round magazines. Weese’s .40 caliber was also loaded.

Weese carried a backpack with ten more magazines for the rifle and a can of food.

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