Readers’ Voice: June 3, 2014

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The Gazette can’t figure out why West Virginia is becoming a red state? The answer is that folks here are sick and tired of having their kids and grandkids leave the state to find meaningful employment. I am a Democrat and my party has been in power here for 80 years and has proven itself incapable of stopping the brain drain of our youth to other states to find a good-paying job.

In an interview with Faux News, unindicted felon Dick Cheney called President Obama “weak.” This strange conservative notion of strength and weakness is having New York and the Pentagon attacked by terrorists shows you are strong, and putting a bullet in the head of the person who masterminded it without having to wander blindly through a pair of poorly premised and abominably executed wars shows you are weak. Really convoluted logic from an idiot.

The Dec. 12, 2000, decision halting the Florida recount was not the political system working; just the opposite. The Supreme Court violated the state right of Florida to decide its own election, saying the recount was “unfair” to the Republican candidate (what about the Democratic candidate?). This decision, giving power to the neocons and their stooge, George W. Bush, resulted in the failure to defend our country on 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the looting of our treasury. And to add insult to injury, the Supreme Court said their decision could not be used as a precedent to decide future election return recounts.

Reference your front-page article “Should older drivers undergo extra scrutiny?”: I would rather ask, “Should women drivers undergo extra scrutiny?” Among other things, it is not unusual for me to see women stop or go the wrong way in traffic roundabouts. Many women drivers are an absolute hazard on the roads and highways. P.S.: Danica Patrick is my favorite NASCAR driver.

So, Putnam County buys the system for grade reporting. The system is so advanced that it cannot average two nine-week grading periods. And Putnam County paid big money for this.

Gordon Gee’s main transgression at Ohio State was shilling for Massey Energy, not his big mouth. Despite Massey’s UBB disaster, etc., Gee becomes president of WVU.

We have the highest percent of federal money coming in for assistance. We get 26.2 percent, as compared to the national average of 16.7 percent. What makes this so sad is that we are probably going to vote in Shelley Moore Capito as senator. Ms. Capito is on record as wanting to reduce the federal assistance we now get. People don’t seem to realize that by voting her in we will make ourselves poorer. We will reduce our standard of living even lower. We will be even more miserable with less money to work with, thanks to her.

Arizona is so proud to have Jodi Arias facing execution — because some of her 36 hours of televised marathon sporting contest called cross-examination by the prosecutor was contradictory — that they should also televise the execution.

People here in West Virginia remind me of some ungrateful adult children that will live in their parents’ house, eat their food, drive their cars and generally pay for nothing to live free, but they has the audacity to scream at, curse and in general be disrespectful of their parent. Just like a lot of people here in West Virginia feel about this administration.

To people in the area wondering where Patrick McMurtry is? He is now at WSMV-TV (NBC affiliate) in Nashville as a general assignment reporter.

Far too much money and too little sense are the only reasons why anyone would pay $2 billion for an NBA franchise.

It is unfortunate that many uninformed voters in West Virginia do not understand the negative impact the three state representatives’ “no” vote on climate change (Capito, McKinley and Rahall) have on us, their children and the rest of the world. Let’s give them a “no” vote in November.

Thank God and thank the presidents of the United States and Qatar for negotiating for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for almost five years. President Obama agreed to the release of five Afghan prisoners at Gitmo; a fair trade as far as I am concerned. Now if only we can get back our service people and others in North Korea, Mexico, Iran and elsewhere, the picture will be complete.

The person who said that both Bushes served their country was wrong. George W. Bush disappeared during the Vietnam War when fighter pilots were needed.

Comical. Same people fussing about the GOP standing in Obama’s way swear the Democrats didn’t do the same thing to Bush.

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