Your Vents, Wednesday, June 4

* I am 84 going on 85 years old and I have known Leon McCoy since I was in my early 20s. What a gentleman, a kind person and caring. Then the school does this to him. How disgusting.

* Until the Marine is released from the Mexican prison all immigration legislation should be halted.

* Why don’t our Marines just walk across the Mexican border one at a time and kick the damned Mexican butts and bring the guy home?

* I would like to vent my disgust with the decision to pull Coach Leon McCoy from speaking to the seniors at Winfield High School. Anyone in the last 50 years who has sat under his teaching and his coaching will know it is a cowardly move. A decision by a few and 98 percent of the county supports him.

* Congratulations to the Daily Mail for printing Michelle Malkin’s column. It takes guts to do this knowing there are a lot of readers who don’t like to read or hear the truth.

* I would like to personally thank Judge Reeder for trying to help save my niece’s life by not letting her out and putting her in rehab.

* Whoever wrote that the only problem Mark Plants has is he is a Republican in West Virginia is 100 percent right.

* I want some yard signs and bumper stickers that say, “I am a member of the tea party.” If anyone knows where you can find them please let me know.

* Everyone thinks all the bases are covered. Does anyone ever consider the left field farmer’s perfect throw to home plate?

* If you think President Obama and the Democrats are alone in the responsibility for our country’s budget and economic overspending, you must eat, sleep and dream Fox News.

* I wonder when people are going to wake up. If you want to see a sick, sorry sight go to any hospital today and watch the patients.

* The Thursday editorial was right on target. Mark Plants has accomplished more in that office than any other prosecutor. Curly, Moe and Hoppy need to move out. I wouldn’t take the 10 commissioners we have right now for one Mark Plants.

* While private industry will not tolerate poor performance and mediocrity in its employees, it is the norm for federal employees. With unions you could not fire them if you wanted to do so.

* With all that is unfolding about veteran’s health care it is sort of scary that America could be headed for a single-payer health system.

* The recent ad on Mitch McConnell criticizes him for taking pay hikes. I just know all the Democrats refused their pay hikes. They are so noble, distinguished and probably serve their entire terms for just $1.

* If it were not for Fox News I doubt we would even know about the Pakistani woman sentenced to 100 lashes and stoned to death for converting to Christianity. The media is driven by an ideology which suppresses much that is important to all of us.

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