Moments in Time: Milliron Garage

Photo courtesy Dick Johnson
Milliron Garage -- This rare and interesting photo has a lot going for it, so let’s start with the location: It’s the corner of McFarland Street and Kanawha Boulevard. Charleston Newspapers owns both sides of this entire corner today. Now, see the sign that says “Garage”? That was the Milliron Garage. In the late ’40s, the garage was rented as a showroom to a former congressman, Andrew Edmiston. And what was his claim to fame? He bought into the famous Tucker Car Corp. and had planned to sell Tuckers at this location. The cars never materialized and bankruptcy was filed in 1950. The Tucker WV Corp. lost more than $15,000 in the deal, which was a pretty big loss in those days. In the meantime, look at all the beautiful cars from the early ’50s in this great Dick Johnson photo. J Waters/
Photo courtesy Joe Carey
Kroger Store 1928 Can you guess where this Kroger store is located? In 1928, the Kanawha Valley had many Kroger stores, almost like old-fashioned neighborhood stores. This is a wonderful rare, never before published photo of the northeast corner of Lee and Summers streets. To the right of Kroger is M. Kornstein Tailor. He was in business for many years. To the right of him is Farley’s clothing store. That building is still there. Estep’s clothing store is on this corner today. The main reason for the photo was the billboard up on the roof. It was placed there by the famous Carey Sign Company, and they took photos of many of their installations. You will see more of these in the future. J. Waters/

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