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n Why is it some people get so upset with Michelle Obama’s promotion of a more healthy lifestyle for our children? Shouldn’t everyone be promoting a more healthy lifestyle, especially for the young people? Is it the program they don’t like or is it Michelle they don’t like? I wonder, if Laura Bush addressed this issue, would there have been such an uproar from this same group?

n Since pot was legalized, crime in Colorado’s capital city, Denver, has dropped by more than a tenth, and the state as a whole is expected to collect around $30 million in revenue this year as a result of weed taxes.

n The watchdogs said West Virginia was the most ill prepared of the other states to meet EPA requirements because from the governor on down they have done nothing to prepare for the new limits whereas the other states have been preparing for years. All WV leaders wanted to do was blame the EPA.

n You know Hillary is running when she writes a book and inserts her own version of the facts on nearly everything. She’s also now dismissing any talk of the Lewinsky scandal by simply saying ‘she’s moved on.’ She’s not good at predicting either. She claimed a number of years back that President Assad would soon be gone from Syria. He’s still there.

n Those that say that President Obama has accomplished nothing during his first six years are apparently living in Republican World, where up is down and black is white. Just to list a few of his accomplishments: the Affordable Care Act, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the rescue of the auto industry, reining in the credit card ripoffs, the ending of the Iraq War and the winding down of the Afghanistan war, etc.

n After the coal industry loses its political clout, who or what will then buy our politicians?

n Thank you Sen. Rockefeller for your service to our state. We could actually believe what you said. For a time we had two honest politicians. Along with Sen. Byrd you have been a refreshing change of status quo. We’re not all ignorant bigots in this state. They are just louder than the rest of us.

n It only took three people whining about religion to mess up Winfield’s graduation speech for hundreds of people.

n Does anybody really think that Mark Plants has the moral compass to be prosecutor? Isn’t that the real question. This man needs to step down and get his life together and regroup. Then leave us alone.

n This country was a lot stronger when we were able to hang or shoot traitors and spies.

n The Huntington Junior College obviously doesn’t teach any photography classes. That’s one of the sloppiest commercials on TV.

n Sometimes I think the Public Service Commission needs to be go back to school and learn a few things. They do not need a rate increase to start reading the meters every month, since they didn’t give us a decrease when they started doing it bi-monthly.

n It used to be beyond the scope of his employment would be a fireable offense. The good old boy network is alive and well in Putnam County, and I bet you don’t print this.

n Where do you think this sudden outbreak of measles is coming from? Do you think any of our residentially condoned illegal aliens are bringing in anything besides measles? You bet they are. Check out some of these outbreaks lately.

n Ease up on Gweneth Paltrow. It ain’t easy working 10-hours a day for six weeks and only making $6 million on a movie. She ain’t superwoman. Or is she?

n Someone needs to tell Chris Miller where he is opening a new business. It is South Charleston, not Charleston. I guess he’s too busy making those stupid, disgusting commercials to know where he is opening.

n A couple of years ago a woman in Ireland died a horrible death because doctors were afraid to perform an abortion. The same thing could happen in West Virginia if the West Virginia Taliban get their way.

n I just wanted to say that West Virginia has been blessed to have someone like Jay Rockefeller.

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