Letters: June 10, 2014

‘Liar’ description doesn’t serve people


Thursday, drinking coffee, scanning newspaper, and listening to local TV, I heard the word “LIAR”! Congressman Nick Rahall was the target.

Evan Jenkins appeared giving his approval for the political advertisement. As a youngster, in our home, “liar” was considered profanity. Reveal the lie and be specific.

Evan Jenkins has served in Charleston several years. No solid economic improvement has resulted during his tenure benefiting West Virginia. Will tactless language be voiced at the “political powers” in Washington? Will impertinent unmannerly remarks be successful collecting economic relief for West Virginians?

The state politicians in Charleston are responsible for using federal money received. Nick Rahall has a proven record of sending tax money “back home.” Rep. Rahall has maintained an unwavering pace providing for West Virginia citizens. Have the “local politicians” (Evan Jenkins) performed adequately?

Jack Platter Sr.


Bollywood Night was a smash hit


Dance is a universal language. And an event that seems to capture the spirit of this most fully is Charleston’s Bollywood Night.

This year’s event on May 17 was full of amazing color, sounds, rhythm and movement.

Dances from India, the Philippines, the Middle East and Latin America all swirled together for a magical evening celebrating the universals of life and love.

Of special note were the dances from the Charleston Ballet, choreographed by Kim Pauley, and the dances choreographed by Lacy Hughes and Celeste Diaz from January’s Studio of Dance.

Amy Burdett and Aaron Lee Smith brought high energy to the stage, while Moumita Banerjee’s beautiful choreography kept the event grounded in its Asian and Indian roots.

The dancers were all volunteers and they gave of their time, energy, heart and spirit to make a magical evening for everyone.

Through the inspiration of the Bollywood Committee, the massive support of the India Center, and the generosity of the 750 guests and donors, over $150,000 in funds were raised for Manna Meal Inc., WV Health Right and Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center through the theme, “Bellies, Bodies, and Brains.”

Look out for next year’s event; this kind of celebration of the cultural heritage and diversity of our community represents Charleston at its finest!

Sky Kershner


Fix climate change by charging the polluters


Thanks for Rick Steelhammer’s informative article on climate change’s effects on local fishing. However, I find rock snot, didymo, worms and whirling disease disgusting. Forget about trying to fix rock snot. Climate change is already driving up water temperatures, and will eventually make our river’s uninhabitable by trout. So our nation must either fight climate change or turn our fishing rods in for knitting needles.

How do we fight climate change? The best way to get polluters to stop polluting is to charge for pollution, so let’s charge for the carbon emissions that cause climate change. What about all the folks who say the science isn’t settled, the president is fighting a war on coal, and a carbon tax that is rebated to the public can’t ever pass? Their arguments sound fishy to me.

Judy Weiss

Brookline, Mass.

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