Registration opens for above-ground storage tanks

Online registration began today for above-ground storage tanks subject to more stringent regulations following the Jan. 9 chemical leak that left about 300,000 West Virginians without water for days.

The Aboveground Storage Tank Act was signed into law by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on April 1 and went into effect on June 6. It mandates that aboveground storage tanks that can hold at least 1,320 gallons of fluid be registered with the state Department of Environmental Protection by Oct. 1. Owners who fail to register above-ground storage tanks by the deadline face a $10,000 fine.

The DEP launched the online registration system more than a month before the July 6 deadline set in the legislation.

Tank owners can register their tanks through the DEP’s Electronic Submission System (ESS) by visiting the DEP’s website. The seven-page registration form collects a variety of information about each tank subject to the regulations, including tank size, contents, construction, age and location. Tank owners also must specify the nearest water intakes and the number of customers the intakes serve.

The registration requirement does not apply to “process vessels” as defined in the legislation, which includes sewage treatment tanks.

All registered above-ground storage tanks are required to be annually inspected under the legislation. The law also requires development of a set of standards for aboveground storage tanks for consideration in the 2015 Legislative session.

Tank owners must submit Spill Prevention Response Plans to the DEP by Dec. 3, and inspections and certifications of tanks by a qualified person must be submitted to the DEP by Jan. 3, 2015.

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