Readers’ voice: June 13, 2014

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A reader writes that “Obamacare was broke before it started.” What exactly was broken? The fact that more than 100,000 uninsured West Virginians now have health insurance? The fact that everyone can get preventive care? The fact that seniors have saved millions on prescription drug costs? The fact that 18,000 young adults were able to stay on their parents’ health policy. The fact that CAMC will save more than $50 million a year on uncompensated care — care that we all pay for in higher premiums? The fact that insurers can’t discriminate against people with a pre-existing health condition or charge women higher prices than men? The fact that community health centers are getting millions in federal funds to expand care?

The real war on coal, or at least on coal miners, took place a generation ago, waged not by liberal environmentalists but by the coal industry itself. And coal miners lost. Today, only one-sixteenth of 1 percent of the nation’s workers are coal miners.

To the gentleman who paid for our dinner at Los Amigos in North Charleston on the evening of June 10th: Thank you for your kindness, it was greatly appreciated.

Receiving credit for bin Laden’s death because you’re in the situation room at the time makes as much sense as getting credit for a touchdown because you watched it on the TV.

“The military hunted and killed bin Laden while [the President] played golf”? Can you possibly be any more clueless? American military forces do not act on their own. It’s what distinguishes the United States from a banana republic. Like him or not, the commander-in-chief gives the orders.

As I understand it, the last scheduled day of school in Putnam County was June 11. If so, why did Poca High School stop taking attendance on June 6? I bet half of their students did not attend another day of school. What happended to the legislative mandate of 180 days of instruction per school year?

If you are against climate change, but can only say “I am not a scientist”, then perhaps you need to start believing scientists instead of Fox News.

You know why the republicans create fake crisis for Obama is because their record is dismal. Their policies created the two biggest economic failures in the last 100 years and for six years they have done nothing for the recovery of the economy that they destroyed from 2001 to 2008.

I have every confidence that President Obama and his administration will be as successful at fixing climate change as they have at fixing the IRS, Veterans Administration, immigration, the economy, the national debt and the post office.

Speaking of negotiating with terrorists, President Reagan in his first term in office sold arms to Iran. What did he get in return?

How come the Putnam County Courthouse janitors make less money than the other county courthouse janitors?

I would like to say thanks to our U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin for breaking up the Cadillac Escalade club in Logan County. You are a can-do U.S. Attorney and I wish you the best.

Most of the people in Dupont City keep their properties clean. Then we have some that live up the street that have old abandoned vehicles, trash all over the street and it’s causing our property values to go down. What can we do about this or do we have to live with it?

The state road commission has spent like crazy on cleaning ditches, mowing grass, building bike paths in their favorite cities. But U.S. 60, from the Chelyan Bridge to Montgomery is a death trap and they won’t do diddly.

Obama and the EPA need to leave coal alone. Look how much coal the other countries are burning. Shame on them.

I was wondering if anybody is going to address the issue of the swimming pools’ water and whether or not there had been testing for MCHM in the water that was put into the swimming pools in Charleston. I haven’t heard that there has been any testing for that and I certainly think they should be tested.

I would just like to say in response, the FBI considers mass killings as three or more and I’m pretty sure that that does happen every day. So I don’t think America will wake up.

With EPA regulations, the promise is — your power bill will not skyrocket. Remember, this is the same bunch that said if you like your doctor and your insurance policy, you can keep your doctor and your policy.

I bet that the president’s recently released prisoner of war, Sgt. Bergdahl, will not be put on the long waiting list for medical care as many of our beloved vets have.

I love radio talk shows. They tell news that newspapers are afraid to print. However, some of the talk show men have added female partners. What a mistake. They give me a migraine. These women overtalk the men and it sounds like a barnyard disaster.

Why would a lawyer get $200 an hour? It’s not brain surgery. Is that self-inflated ego? Two-hundred dollars an hour to do what, really? In West Virginia when most people are making minimum wage.

Republicans are trying every dirty tactic that they can come up with to try to get control of the Senate. Just don’t let them get control of the Senate. If they get control of the Senate, they’ll have control of the Congress, you and everything else.

Instead of worrying about our people’s health, disastrous storms, water up to the Statue of Liberty’s elbow and the poisoning of our state — our politicians choose the dying coal industry.

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